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Monster Porn Games

- Monster porn is where you come to get your fix of gigantic cocks filling up young tight pussies. Demons, ogres, orcs, werewolves, vampires and other fantasy horrors are the main focus of this category of games. Sometimes even the female protagonist can be non-human, like a succubus, a plant girl, a shemale monster and similar. A special subcategory of monster games are those that feature tentacle monsters with tentacles eagerly ripping off clothes from girls and making them writhe in pleasure. Size difference is a big fetish in these games, as the monsters are usually three, four or more times bigger than the girl they want to fuck. It's a special treat to watch these young things doing their best to wrap their mouth around a cockhead that's almost as big as their own head. These games come in both 2D and 3D form and you might even find some incredibly accurate recreations of existing animations such as Futurama with their own weird, robotic monsters. You'll never get enough of this kinky, fantasy sex. Some of the babes in these games are more than eager for the monster cock challenge, but some are more reluctant, so you can easily find a version you will enjoy.

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