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Fap Titans - Game Review

Video Review By HornyToonDog:


Fap Titans is an adult-themed casual clicker game. The game features a variety of different characters, monsters, and areas, and sees players overcome a series of enemies to level up their beautiful sidekicks. This is a browser-based and free-to-play game that features micro-transactions as well as passive and active combat. Those looking for a titillating and sexy action clicker game may just find plenty to enjoy here. But will they? Let's find out....

Art And Graphics

The artwork is superb here and it is quite evident from the start of the game that immense detail has been put into the design of the monsters and heroines. Intricate line work is very easily identified on the character models. Not just that but the in game user interface is also tight and well designed including the city like scene drawn out for your guild base and other building. Not to mention the great hentai art work in the unlocked gallery collections in the game as well. Finally we see ANIMATED scenes that can also be unlocked which takes art and graphics to a whole new level for this browser based game.


The game starts with a buxom cowgirl giving you advice on how to defeat the beasts and monsters you encounter. The premise of Fap Titans is that a series of deadly beasts have taken over the world. Each area is home to a wide variety of monsters and enemies. You must fight through them to reach the boss of that level, who you will have to defeat within a certain time limit. Each boss guards a chest that contains treasures, including some very naughty pictures. In Fap Titans, you will be able to hire many different and beautiful girls to aid you in battle. Each has their own unique stats, skills and abilities. As you progress through the game, you'll be able to level them up. As you do so, they will become stronger and shed their clothing. As you battle through the game, you'll be able to summon new warriors and heroes to fight by your side. Your compatriots will continue fighting even when you're not clicking, as each one contributes to your average damage per second. You can leave the game running and collect the loot and experience that comes from battling monsters.


This is where my honeymoon with Fap Titans ENDS. There is NO sound in this game. Yep that's right, NO SOUND. I had to pause the recording of this review and play through to see why there was no sound playing because I was sure it was some kind of error or glitch on my end. After browsing Reddit I discovered that the game literally has no sound at all. This is blasphemy in my opinion because this game is otherwise so advanced and full of so many elements and intricate features that it just makes no sense to leave it as a MUTE experience. Not even a cheaply cobbled together soundtrack? This is very lame.


In conclusion, this game was pretty cool other than having no sound. Personally the no sound thing kind of ruined it for me. But I can easily see how others would not be as put off by it considering Fap Titans is after all very popular all over the world. Hey you may love this intricate and over done epic hentai clicker game!


  • Very good art work
  • Very intricate with tons of elements
  • Even has unlock able fully animated hentai scenes


  • No game sound AT ALL
  • Possible over done with far too much to worry about
You can play the full game at Hooligaps

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Game Screenshots: