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Galactic Monster Quest - Game Review

Video Review By HornyToonDog:
Exploring other planets can be exciting and dangerous. One of the best parts is, of course, interspecies sexual intercourse and in Galactic Monster Quest that is exactly your mission as you land on an alien planet. This game, developed by the same people who brought you Furry Beach Club and Hentai Diaries, is a quest for sex on an alien world. So let's dive right into it.

No in-depth story such as origin, quest, or even objective other than the objective to bone as many alien chicks as possible. You wander around an alien planet and use your communication skills to hopefully convince hot alien species to give in to your advances and their own urges and let you have sex with them. The story consists of the basics such as you are an explorer of space checking out alien worlds and your exact mission is whatever a sexy alien girl wants to hear.

Writing is stellar here and quite possibly the best aspect of this entire game. The entire experience depends on solid writing due to the fact that in order to succeed part of the strategy is picking up on hints about each targets own personality in order to coerce them into sex. If the writing was not done correctly the experience would fall completely flat. The writers do a good job of portraying the personality traits of each character providing the player with a clear idea of that characters personality and quarks. As the player, you must pick up on these elements in order to successfully get into some hot alien pussy in each instance.

Art And Graphics:
The alien world is well illustrated and so are the characters. The heads-up display and graphical user interface are bright, clear, and easy to understand. The characters are designed well as the artists have to come up with ways to combine human elements into an alien hybrid scenario. Portraying enough humanity while still making it quite clear that these are aliens yet human enough to talk to and have sex with. This can be a daunting task and the artists pulled it off well here. The animated parts which are also the sex scenes are smooth with good framerates and the subtle nuances such as slightly bouncing boobs and even the way the pussy stretches hen penetrated are well animated here. All in all the graphics and artwork are solid and I have no complaints.

In many ways, the sound is very important to the actual core gameplay. With this type of game where you must gauge the personality of your targets the way, the voice over talent interprets and acts out the writing is integral to conveying emotion and feelings. The voice must convey positivity where appropriate and vice versa negativity as well. I must say the voice actors did a great job here and that is refreshing to see because many games fall flat in this area. The music is a bit lame but not horrible, it just I not all that interesting, to be honest. The sound effects are well done and appropriately placed. The sound is crisp and clear and nothing annoyed me at any time. I never felt the need to want to mute any of the individual sound elements as they all blended together cohesively.

In conclusion, Galactic Monster Quest is a basic sex adventure game without much real adventure. It has a rinse and repeat nature to it which leads to an experience that at times can feel a bit too easy for those looking for a challenge. The easy nature of the game, however, may appeal to those just looking for a casual;ly lewd experience for a fap session or just for fun. All in all with great writing and awesome voice overs this is not a game you want to miss if you have the coin.

� Great writing
� Hot sex scenes
� Great voice overs

� Expansive paywall
� Mediocre music
� Low difficulty level
� Gay options belong in a separate version

You can purchase Galactic Monster Quest on www.GalacticMonsterQuest.com

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