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SF Girls: Heroes Defense - Game Review

Video Review By HornyToonDog:


Nutaku hopes you are prepared for what they call an "out of this world" tower defense game. As you command a fleet of hot sluts you can power them up to take on the monsters that are overtaking civilization. I played this newest game from Nutaku and I have some stuff to say about it so lets dive right into it....

Art And Graphics

As with almost all of the modern releases on Nutaku the graphics and artwork in SF Girls is top notch in every way. This is becoming a trademark of offerings from Nutaku without exception. Bright colors, well designed big breasted hentai girls, creatively conceived stage design and main menu design are all found in this game. The gameplay and battle scenes offer some very well rendered explosions and power attacks that can only be described as beautiful. The only downside that I saw is some laziness when it came to the sex scenes. The sex scenes could have used just a bit more money invested to give them more movement. One example is this hot slut telling me how good my dick feels inside of her pussy but in the actual visible animation my dick is not even inside of her yet.


The main objective in a nutshell here is to battle against a hoard of invading aliens who want to eliminate your planets peaceful balance and reap chaos on society. You start by recruiting a team made up from big breasted slutty hentai girls who are starved for cock but at the same time are pretty tough warriors in battle. You send these chicks into a tower defense style battle against the aliens and must kill them all before they reach your side of the battle area. With each victory comes rewards that benefit the player in many different ways. Some rewards will help you in your quest to upgrade your team of warriors while other rewards will bless you with items that can give you help in your dating and sex adventures with your girls. Speaking of that, "dates" consist of a gift giving dynamic where you give a girl item after item until she finally cannot resist your dick and you are then rewarded with the sex scene and scenario. Many of these scenarios are creative and well presented.


The sound was average to good with really nothing much to complain about. I did not find any noise or piece of music to be repetitive or over bearing. The music was typical and generic but again not offensive in any way. The sound effects, especially the ones in battle are well done and of high quality. The voice overs are in Japanese translated into English text and seem to have been recorded with the highest quality in mind. The sound effects for the users graphical user interface such as clicking buttons and navigating through the menu were not in any way offensive to my ears.


In conclusion, SF Girls is yet another great game released on Nukatuku.net with the trademark graphical quality we have all come to expect. The gameplay is simple yet addictive due to it's clicker style. The girls are super hot and it can be rewarding to date and fuck them. What is nice is that it also feels rewarding to upgrade your team and be able to handle increasingly difficult waves of aliens in combat as you level up. All in all I would say that SF Girls is a solid game with a lot to offer fans of this kind of gameplay and niche. It is free to play so check it out!


  • Top notch graphics and artwork
  • Rewarding gameplay and upgrade system
  • Hot hentai girls


  • Can be hard to unlock enough gifts to fuck your girls without paying real money
  • The sex scenes could have been a bit more animated and rewarding
You can play the full game at Nutaku

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