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Fap Titans - Playthru & Walkthrough


Welcome to the crazy world of Fap Titans, an X rated addictive clicker game Nutaku and Hooligapps. Within the game a plethora of exciting characters and monsters are experienced while the player must adventure through a never ending swarm of enemies to upgrade the beautiful heroines at your side. This browser based game is free to play but also features micro-transactions to help advance through the both passive and active combat elements within.
When you first enter Fap Titans, You are playing as a guest with guest status and this is your chance to try it out and get the hang of it. As a guest you are limited as far as the full capabilities of your player so as soon as you are comfortable you should sign up to open everything up. Click the "sign in" button, then click "forgot password" at the bottom you will see a "sign in" button. Even though you'll spend some time on registration, your endeavor will be rewarded. You'll get a +100% drop rate, +5 tickets, and +10 damage per second (DPS). Even though this process is a bit confusing and annoying, doing it will reward you with a +100% drop rate +5 tickets, and +10 damage per second (DPS)

Fap Titans User Interface

Let us divide the interface into 3 separate parts starting with the top of the page where you will find:
  • The name of your hero and your hero avatar
  • The quantity of gold possessed from murdering monsters
  • Special VIP currency such as diamonds and tickets
  • Shop button leads you to the shop to buy stuff like diamonds, heroes, levels, and tickets. Items can be purchased with diamonds which can be bought with real money
  • Number of boss chests
  • Sign Out
  • Various in game offers
  • below all of that you have the monster you are currently fighting, if you fail a boss you will see "back to boss" button to try again after earning money and upgrading your heroines more. and finally the number of monsters you have killed in the current quest. The cycle repeats

The area at the left of the interface is divided up into various fields:
  • Heroes area shows all of the heroines you have hired and also those that are for hire. You can also upgrade and level them up here as well as view their unique profiles
  • Guild Base, after hiring enough heroines and earning enough gold it is time to build a guild base. This base can also be upgraded to make your guild members more powerful
  • Gallery is the area which contains all of the hot and horny lewd hentai pictures you have unlocked throughout the game. These are obtained primarily from opening boss chests.
  • The rating tab After presenting in game rewards like jewelry to heroines you can unlock animated scenes as well.
  • Quests, various quests can be had for your heroes and through out the game you can check this area for those rewards and completion percentages.
This game can be extremely intimidating at first but once you get used to how it is laid out you will soon find it easy and second hand nature.

Basic Game play Of Fap Titans

The basic point of the game is to eventually create a guild base. In order to accomplish this feat you will need tons of gold to complete it. The easiest way to get gold is to kill tons and tons of monsters. You can invest these coins into hiring new heroines for your team. Each of these girls belongs to a unique class:
  • Warrior
  • Wizard
  • Cleric
  • Barbarian
  • Druid
  • Archer
  • Gunner
Hiring all of these beautiful heroines is just the tip of the ice berg because now that you got them you will have to level up their abilities to increase your DPS so that your rapid mouse clicks deliver more and more devastating damage and kill monsters and bosses faster.

To make the game a bit easier if you fail to beat a boss in battle a button will appear saying "back to boss" which when clicked lets the player return to that battle once the player is stronger. For every boss defeated you will get to open on of three chests which spawn rewards like hot hentai art work!

You can win a hentai picture like the one above and each one is part of a 5 picture collection. Each one is a different position like anal, doggystyle, blowjob etc. If you manage to collect all 5 from each scene you will get one of a list of various bonus rewards:
  • +500% DPS
  • New heroine with unique skills
  • Gold coins
  • Tickets
  • +10K% DPS
  • +10K% DPC, etc


Fap Titans is one game where you can truly relax because of the passive nature of it. You keep killing monsters, albeit much slower, without even clicking so you can upgrade girls, check out the guild base, and look at your galleries. Also do not forget, this game not only unlocks those 5 picture hentai scenes but also sexy fully animated hentai porn to be unlocked. So if you like addicting clickers this just might be what you have been looking for.

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