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Succubus Rem - Game Review

Video Review By HornyToonDog:
You have just been born in a new kingdom and your older sister welcomes you in a strange way. She tells you that you are a succubus! Embark on a fantastic adventure where you will have to survive among humans using all your charms to steal their vital energy and their seed. Choose to be Sadistic, Masochistic or even a bit of both, To drive your destiny as a succubus and to defeat your enemies with your singular kind of charm. Will you be able to survive and to find your place in this new world?

As mentioned in the introduction you play a female named Rem, and you have been reborn into a new world as a succubus. A succubus is s sort of sex demon that empowers itself by collecting the semen of horny unsuspecting males. Usually, the Succubus is known to suck them completely dry leaving them lifeless. Yes, that is right, you fuck people to death. In this game however you never really fuck anyone to death.......until the end maybe... or do you?

The writing I imagine was not half bad when it remained in Japanese. The translation to English is dreadful and one of the worst translation jobs I have ever seen. Horrible grammar and sentence structuring are everywhere. Have you ever seen the word "sluttish"? Me neither, I usually say "slutty". Also for some unknown reason throughout the game, all males are referred to by all females as "uncle" and all females are referred to my males and other females as "sister". I have no idea why this is if in this strange world every human is either an uncle or a sister I would not have known since this is never explained. The inane ramblings of the main character and others eventually can become quite humorous which I guess can compensate some for the horrible writing in this entry.

Art And Graphics:
The basics of the art and graphics in this game are quite good. The main gameplay reminds me a lot of Fallen: Makina and the city of ruins which has been reviewed here before. I would go as far as to say the main gameplay graphics are copy and pasted and re-skinned. I am not saying this is bad because Makina had good main game graphics. The character designs are well done especially the bosses who have very creative and unique designs. The animation associated with attacks and magic is brilliant. I did get kind of worn out after a while by the sex scenes, while they are hot and alluring they begin to seem repetitive as the same positions and graphics are used over and over again with very little change.

The gameplay is probably the strongest part of Succubus Rem and it's saving grace. The feel of the RPG like adventure is undeniably addicting. You enjoy carrying out various tasks you come across to obtain either gear or semen. Leveling up and upgrading your abilities and items is rewarding. The feeling of being rewarded is needed here to offset the time spent having to grind for XP. The mob battles are a little too easy but fun. The boss battles feel important and give you a sense of panic that you may not survive. Having to teleport to your bed and then having to travel back to an objective is a good thing because it makes the game more serious and less easy.

The sound is average and also good. the sound itself is loud, crisp, and clear. The effects used are well placed and chosen for the particular feel of the game. Combat noises are well done and make the sparsely animated encounters seem more lively than they otherwise would. There are no voice-overs and I assume it is because they could not find actors with enough self disrespect to read the rubbish that is the dialogue. There still are some voices though like during sex scenes there are slapping noises and moaning sounds which is good because without that this game would have sucked even more.

In conclusion, Succubus Rem is a very good RPG with many flaws. The fact that is it a one-time payment to buy the game and there are no further in-game transactions to worry about I would go for it if you like RPG'S. It is worth the cheap price. The adventure is fun and the rewards worthwhile. Even with the writing issues, repetitive sex scenes, and lack of voice-overs....the many hours of RPG adventure make it worth every penny. Give succubus rem a try and enjoy the life of a SUCCUBUS! PROS
� A great RPG adventure to be had
� Good sound effects
� Rewarding XP system
� Fun to upgrade weapons
� Hot naked art work
� Good graphics

� Writing could be more interesting
� Japanese to English translation not the best
� Lack of voice overs
� Repetitive sex scene graphics

You can play Succubus Rem on Eroges

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