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Succubus Rem - Playthru & Walkthrough

Video Playthrough By HornyToonDog:
This game has two main routes each represent one of two sexual inclinations for your succubus character.

There are a few ways to do routes in this game.
1. S route first then M route second, or visa versa.
2. Lose the first time, load save and do the S route to see the CGs�s but you won't get to see the M ending unless you balance it to a fault.
3. Clear once, unlock all CG and just see what you want.
4. As fast as possible route. Lose to everything, only fight bosses, then unlock CG.

For the highest convenience and fastest completion I recommend doing both paths simultaneously to the best of your ability. Grinding will be required to achieve this but it is worth it if you do not want to play this game twice. At any time you can hold ctrl to skip text too, if you don't wanna read or wanna just get through the game as fast as possible.

When you exit the intro scene you�ll get thrown into your first battles. You have a few options: Attack, Magic, TP skills, Items, and Run.

Rem's Attack is weak, when you start. However it's tied to your weapon and later on you can make it far more useful. For now though stick to magic and burn everything and Heal when you need too. Health and MP don't regenerate when you level up but you can restore it with items or sleeping.

You�ll want to farm every mob for exp or at least most of them so you stay in line with the events to unfold and the levels they require.

Before the boss, open your inventory and use the heart pendant to go to your room and sleep to heal.

Muramura Town
The Town Clown? Sells the gear you need in this game, instead of shops. Awkward I know, but It was apparently a design choice. Make sure you buy the 300 gold whip.
When you're ready to move on, head north to fight the slimes. Then head back to town and find the angry citizen to progress. Then head south to move forward.
A good note, Make sure you purchased the gold whip from town clown or return and do so now.

City of Freelancers
Attempting the to take the east exit you're blocked by citizens talking about the local gangs. Talk to the guard in the front of the house and go south to the middle of the lake and you'll start a battle you cant win, not even on NG+. Do not be alarmed when you lose it is part of the game.

The first thing to do is head out west and go to the brothel, then events around town start to open up. Also some run in a specific order
Check your gear at the town clown and see if you need to upgrade

Orc Cave/Ending
Equip the bubblegum wand for 2x attack, and dont even think about casting magic on this guy as it wont work. Otherwise he should be easy When you're done head back to town and some events should have opened up When youre ready to finish the game head to the path north of the bridge

Soldier in Muramura:


King Orc


List of bugs/Translation Errors
1. Most grammer errors will be ignored unless something is seriously wrong
2. Options is spelled as Qptions
3. Antidote is called Purifactory grass
4. Relaxing Herb I is called Healing Herb I (dunno which is right)
5. The person in the third town ask for 100k but you only need 30k (easy to get after beating orc).

I found this game to be fun with very few downsides. If you are into RPG experience and want that mixed with sexy scenes then give this a try. Cick the link to enter the world of SUCCUBUS!

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You can play the full game at www.Eroges.com