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MnF Club - Game Review

Introduction Some sex games are just about being lewd but this one offers a little bit more. MnF Club is a multiplayer sex game that feels like a chatroom with interactive elements at first but the more you look into it the more you get to see the actual game. Today you'll learn that sometimes simple can also mean plentiful. Get ready to experience Mnf Club!

Graphics The game is in 2D and looks pretty albeit having cartoonish colors, the vibrant colors are quite enjoyable with that art style. The overworld is rich with a simpler depiction of the various NPCs and other Players. Clicking on another player's avatar or NPC will let you see them more in-depth with changing expressions instead of static portraits that so many other sex games opt for which give more personality to the characters. Sex scenes have multiple speeds, let you choose how you want to climax, and are pretty detailed overall.

Sound Mnf club has no sound, literally. No music and no ambiance .Getting captivated by the game's non-existing audio is just off the table. This is an issue and I strongly suggest listening to some music in the background to help with the immersion.

Gameplay The game is exclusively played with your mouse; everything is done by moving your cursor and clicking. Moving your character on the overworld, interacting with other players' avatars, advancing text boxes, and so on. You have a map that serves as your hub for fast travel, which helps a great deal when first starting.

As previously stated you can customize your character to your liking ranging from your skin tone to small details such as the shape of your facial features to the build of your avatar and although you can change your cup size and even the shape of your nipples if you chose a female avatar there is sadly no option to change the size or shape of your dong. From there you can choose your first outfit and complete this mandatory task. After creating your character you start off randomly in one of the 14 areas that the game has to offer which in turn contains sub-areas with various things to do.

The first few minutes of the game are off-putting as there is no tutorial and you're left to find everything the game has to offer by yourself. What am I supposed to do? How do I earn money? When do I get to fuck other players? Well ... let's look into that.

Basics There are two ways to fuck other players, you can rent a room at the motel for some in-game cash and have your fun there or you can buy your own place but we'll come back to that later. To earn money you either need to play the mini-games, leave your avatar offline at the Mnf alley private club and let other players choose and fuck your character or you can just whip out your credit card and get that money the easy but expensive way. Other players can also send you some cash. There is also a level system to buy new sex positions. Players are required to have sex with other players to level up and gain experience, the more you gain exp the more you level up and each level unlocks a new position that you simply need to spend the exp you accumulated to buy them. Simple.

Content You have mini-games, a good amount of NPCs (some of which you can have sex with by the way ), shops, new positions when having sex with players, and a whole life-building sim going on. You make money to spend on various things in the game by playing the aforementioned mini-games which consist of match 3 puzzle games, gambling at slot machines, and helping a cowgirl keep her balance on a mechanical bull to name a few. From there it is really up to the player to decide if they want to invest time or money to unlock more content for their character. You can buy a car and your own place in which to invite other players to have sex instead of having to rent a room, outfits, and even a pet dick. Yes, a pet dick. But the main "dish" is the actual interaction that the players have with each other. There is a whole community aspect to MnF Club with an in-game museum in which other players can (and do) post nude pictures of themselves.

Conclusion Mnf club might look bleak on the surface but it has a lot to offer although you will need to put a lot of time and effort into it if you're not willing to pay with real money because let's be honest the most "important" things cost a lot with some items like buying the cheapest place at 50k of in-game currency which is 50 bucks with real money! (You do have the option to purchase these expensive items at 50% off if you just buy them immediately with a credit card) . That being said the efforts are worth it. Getting to know other players, having your personality mirrored by your avatar, and building relationships are what the MnF club is offering you. The community is big and filled with other players. If you are looking for a little world where you can have a big circle of potential partners MnF club is probably for you.

-Good graphics
-Entertaining single-player content
-A decently big community

-No guidance for new players
-Difficult to get immersed because of the lack of any audio
-Time-consuming or expensive

You play the game over at MNFClub.com

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