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MnF Club - Playthru & Walkthrough

My Experience Playing MNF Club
If you follow my reviews you guys know that I have a lot of experience with virtual world sims so imagine my surprise when I came across a game that is so light yet so rich. I'm not going to lie to you I had my doubts when first starting Mnf club. A game with no sounds, no guidance whatsoever, and graphics that don't look particularly good from a distance. But I'm very glad to have been proven wrong.

The process of starting the game is very straightforward, create an account, log in, create your character, and start exploring. I was pleased to see that there were a bunch of people immediately next to me when I got a chance to look at the world awaiting me. People were interacting left and right and it didn't take long before I got invited to an event that some guy was throwing at his house.

The art style while simple is surprisingly detailed during sex scenes with balls and boobs bouncing realistically. Having multiple speeds or even manual speed in a sex scene is a must in this day and age and for a game that looks a little bit old I was caught off guard to see that it had those. Also, a lot of those scenes have variants (anal, vaginal, masturbating while penetrating, etc)

Now with all that being said there are a lot of undesirable elements, the complete lack of sound and tutorial is a letdown. There is also the price problem, everything is overpriced from a simple outfit to a more expensive item like a house. And that's not even taking the monthly subscription for a premium account. Let's talk about the subscription, it is a glorified paywall. Basic necessities are denied to free-to-play users (buying a house, interacting with any player you want by pm, etc ... ) so if you're not willing to pay for that you're going to need to prepare yourself for some serious grinding for basically just getting a sample of the game.

Sex sells as they say and the people behind Mnf Club know it. If you can look past those flaws that can understandably be a deal breaker the game has a lot of charm and will probably leave you wanting more. The gameplay is simple, the graphics are simple, the story is simple and one could argue that there is none since it's up to the player to create their own through role-playing or simply interacting with other people.

All and all the experience was pleasant. But Mnf club might not be for everyone. Try it for yourself even if a premium account is mandatory a free account can give you an idea of what is waiting for you.

You can play MnF Club at MnFClub.com

Enjoy and remember to check out my review of MnF Club.

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