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Jerkmate - Game Review

INTRODUCTION Jerkmate.com is relatively new when compared to other cam sites that provide similar services but that doesn't mean they don't know what they are doing. Created around late 2017 Jerkmate is booming with traffic with over 58M visits just this month. The word "jerkmate" should give you a pretty good idea of what this site can provide, but is it worth it? Let's check it out.

GRAPHICS The first thing to notice is that the website is quite organized and pretty by today's standards, the light theme is not straining to the eye and the categories are easy to navigate. When clicking on the "sex games" category you'll notice a wide variety of models to choose from ranging from male to female and everything in between. Yes, even couples and more exotic choices like shemales and cosplayers. From this point on it's really up to the user's preferences and a simple click will let you start "playing" with these various models.

GAMEPLAY Like the theme's site, the gameplay is simple and clean. After choosing your model you simply need to click any icon from the easy-to-navigate menu. The options range from tame choices like making the actor spank themselves or showing you their feet to full-on shoving sex toys inside them. Each action will cost tokens, you will be given 30 and actions can cost anything from 5 to 30 tokens but not to worry, if you exhaust your tiny token pool it is as simple as refreshing the page to replenish said tokens. Once you spend all of the tokens you will be prompted to create an account to continue. You can still enjoy this portion of the site if you wish, just reload the page.

SOUND All actors and actresses speak and moan when performing the actions you chose. Although their voices are clear the volume can be either too loud or not loud enough. It is a small but somewhat annoying detail. There is no music which is a plus considering the nature of the game, YOU will choose how to set the mood with a tune of your liking playing in the background or just enjoying the moans of pleasure from the model.

CONCLUSION The game is not really a game. It is just a gateway to the real content that Jerkmate.com is providing, a cam site. It is an amuse-bouche that prepares the user for the way the cam site works. You chat with a cam model and ask them to perform for you. The bigger your "tip" the harder the vibrator goes if you will. Prices are affordable ... considering. But beware, do not let yourself get confused by the terminology of the currency used on the site and the way you pay. One gold just means one dollar, and if you link a card when you create your account you will be charged immediately when choosing an option without any prompt of confirmation. You will get what you pay for but if pre-recorded videos are enough to tickle your fancy just stay logged off to enjoy the respectable amount of "free" models. There is also a video portion on the site where you can buy clips from past streams. All and all Jerkmate.com has a well-rounded amount of content to offer the user. Either free or paid.

Pretty models
Free content is rich and inclusive
Cam sessions are affordable
Game portion is a front for the actual cam site
No confirmation asked when buying something

You play the game over at Jerkmate.com

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Game Screenshots: