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Jerkmate - Playthru & Walkthrough

My Experience Playing Jerkmate
If you are looking for a game you came to the wrong place but do not leave just yet. While Jerkmate's game portion might be just a way to prepare the user for the inevitable money they will need to spend if they decide to proceed, it is still a big collection of various pre-recorded performers. The large model pool to choose from before signing up for an account is something that can be enjoyed for some time before you want more. This will also help users have an idea and decide if this type of service is what they are looking for.

As mentioned in the review you have a respectable amount of models and actions to choose from. You can "make" the actor or actress do whatever you want and experience every choice given to you in the menu forever by just reloading the page when you want the model to perform a different action.

The video portion of the site lets you buy individual clips from past streams. There are a few videos that are free to watch to help you have an idea of what you would buy if you wanted to.

Jerkmate will help you pleasure yourself from the comfort of your home if you are into strip tease and catered performances... for a price.

You can play Jerkmate at Jerkmate.com

Enjoy and remember to check out my review of Jerkmate.

Game Screenshots: