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Heavy Metal Babes - Game Review

Video Review By HornyToonDog:


Heavy Metal Babes is the latest offering from Nutaku and it has the sex game world buzzing. A hentai game with mech combat, hence "heavy metal", is a dream come true for many gamers. The question is, underneath the high-quality graphics, the dumb sexy android babes who want to jump your bones, and the glorious idea of mech combat, is this game truly great under the surface? Let's dive deep and find out...


In the world of Heavy Metal Babes, a commander has been sent from Earth to the planet x-69, yes the planet is literally called 69. After arriving he learns that the native colony there has been under attack from XEN units. Xen units are giant battle mechs and are operated by hot hentai girls who were genetically created to do the job. You fight fire with fire by using your girls to operate mechs to take on the enemy's machines. You often cannot decide what is more difficult, defeating the enemy, or dealing with the rabid sexual advances from your female soldiers. The awkward encounters are both hilarious and very sexy at the same time. The girls play the whole "I have never seen a man before" card which is very arousing to the male ego.

Art And Graphics

From the very start of this game, it is almost immediately obvious that this is the prettiest and most graphically advanced game Nutaku has ever released. It is not even close, this game looks glorious. From the amazingly high resolution, hentai video sex scenes and artwork to the amazing 3d style mech battle engagements, this game pulls out all the stops when it comes to graphics. The colors are vibrant, the action is smooth like butter, and the explosions pop on the screen. If we were judging this game on graphics alone it would get a perfect score, nothing in the hentai sex game world in this genre can compete.


The main core of gameplay in heavy metal babes is focused on turn-based mech combat. Upgrading your operators and mech gives more and more power to your special attacks. The basic mechanics of the combat gameplay are the same in both the campaign and PVP battles. Winning battles rewards you with various items such as coins to use in the shop, a chest that allows you to spawn a new mech and sexy operator, and flirt items to be used to unlock H-scenes from the girls who text you on your phone. Speaking of that, if you collect the required flirt items you can complete your various communications in your phone to answer the hot operator girls and see their lewd hentai pics and videos. Of course, all of these hot scenes are saved for unlimited later viewing. I recommend playing the entire campaign before delving into the PVP battles against other real players. When I tried out the PVP I found no shortage of matches which is nice because it means the game is well populated. You can choose lesser mechs/operators to consume and destroy to recycle them into power upgrades for your better operators and mechs which is an interesting dynamic. It is interesting because you are forced to choose which ones to sacrifice and this brings an element of strategy to an otherwise pretty straightforward experience.


The sound is just as good as the glorious graphics. The music is lush and fits the game perfectly. the various sound effects from noises when using the UI to the explosions on the battlefield are well done. The sound effects of the mechs when they move, twist, and turn are a great plus. The game has no voice-overs and is entirely based on the text for the conversations but you never feel cheated as the sound that does exist is so superb.


In conclusion, Heavy Metal Babes is a home run from Nutaku! Great graphics, amazing sound, and an overall satisfying experience round out this superb entry. The H-scenes are very hot and of the highest quality whether they are pics or videos. The hentai girls are irresistible. The turn-based combat is some of the best out there. The PVP battles are excellent and you get a level of great satisfaction destroying real players on the battlefield. Heavy Metal babes is free to play and does not require real money. It is not a pay to win game so no need to spend your cash if you are willing to work hard and grind.


  • Amazing graphics are the best ever offered from Nutaku
  • Satisfying turn-based combat
  • Free to play
  • Engaging PVP combat
  • Flirt items can be hard to come by

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