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Heavy Metal Babes - Playthru & Walkthrough

Video Playthrough By HornyToonDog:
It is NOT complicated
Don't let the various writers on those wiki's and game guide sites overly NERD this game with useless trivial information about things that don't matter. This is a simple game at its core and anyone can be good at it without breaking their fingers on the Google machine trying to find all the "secrets". Here is some good advice, there are NO SECRETS.

What is Heavy Metal Babes?
Heavy Metal Babes is plain and simply a turn-based mech combat game with adult Hentai themes. The same universal rules apply here as they do to every other turn-based combat game: Level up, upgrade, get stronger, etc etc..

Do I have to spend real money to conquer this game? The answer is, NO. If you are not lazy and are willing to grind like crazy you will conquer this game without shelling out one dime. Nutaku would love you to spend your money, and don't get me wrong, it is a great game and if you have the money it is worth spending a little, but you don't HAVE TO.

How do I get good at PVP?
It is important to remember, there is no separate system for PVP from the main campaign. Whatever you do in the campaign to upgrade your units and other things will cross over into PVP. This means that you should focus on grinding in the non PVP campaign like area of the game before debuting your fully upgraded units in PVP. It is as simple as that really, and you will be evenly matched with other players who did the same or destroy other players who were too impatient before trying PVP.

How does leveling up work?
To increase your skill levels you will want to power up your various units and you do this by using the same type unit as a sort of sacrifice. For each same type unit you choose as a sacrifice for destruction and recycling into a power-up, a single skill level will be allocated randomly to a skill that is not yet maxed out. Once you max out a skill you will no longer be able to level it up further.

What are nanochips?
When you take a unit that has not much use and you install a nanochip you can potentially turn it into a very useful unit. Also, if you install a nanochip into an already very useful unit you can turn it into a great unit. To use a nanochip you must visit the hangar, choose the unit you want to outfit with a nanochip, and equip it. You can only store 100 nanochips and each unit can be equipped with up to 6 nanochips.

Coins, Gems, and flirt items?
Every time you win a battle you earn coins. The more units you have standing at the end of a victory the more coins you will earn. Coins can be used to buy stuff at the store and also to buy gems. Same rules go for flirt items, you get them when you win battles, these items are specialty items of different types that allow you to unlock the sexy pics and videos from the hentai mech operator girls in your text messages. Gems are another currency that allows the purchase of other items just like coins and can be purchased with coins or with real money from your Nutaku account.

Mech boxes?
Winning battles always give you mech boxes or SUPER mech boxes. The Super ones will spawn randomly but you always get at least a standard box with some victories. These boxes unlock a new mech and girl. The super boxes unlock a specialty mech and girl with stronger abilities.

PVP event battles? What are they and are they worth it?
There are various kinds of events that have time limits. usually, they last about 7 days but some are shorter. In most cases, during the event, you will earn enough fragments to either win a new unit or get unique special fragments for the gacha element.

before diving headfirst into these events, you should have your expectations at a realistic level, in some cases, you will not be able to complete the entire event. With the nature of these events, newbies should not just assume they will beat the event, it just is not that easy. You should hold off on these until you have leveled up playing the entire story first. In the events you have a limited choice for selecting your units, with this in mind you will be more successful if you have a wide variety of upgraded units to choose from, in some cases your strongest and most capable unit will be prohibited from competing in the event altogether.

In conclusion
As I said at the beginning of this guide, do not overthink this game. In general, it is a simple and very easy game to understand. Your best strategy is to complete the story and upgrade as much as possible before venturing into PVP. Then grind in normal PVP before then venturing into the long term events. Following this simple three-stage formula will give you the best chance for success.

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