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The Tower Of Succubus - Game Review


The Tower Of Succubus is a top down adventure Hentai sex game and serves as a prequel to the popular games Succubus, and Akumajou Succubus. In this review I will attempt to answer the question of whether or not this game is worth your time or if it truly does SUCCUBUS. Bad jokes aside, let's dive into this review.


The story is pretty straight forward and simple which can be a good thing for people not wanting to think too much during game play about certain elements. To say it is "simple" in no way implies it is shallow. This game offers a nice story and what is even better you really have no need to play the sequels to this game to understand what is going on here. During the opening of this game the first thing you see is the games main character Lucia. While she sleeps an evil wizard has his way with her and after leaving her defenseless pussy cream pied she awakens to find that all of her abilities have been drained by his wizard cock.

Waking up drained there is only one thing a Succubi can do, kill and have sex with other Succubi to gain back your power and abilities. Thus the reason why we are about to fight and fuck our way through 77 floors of hell. Game play is pretty nice in this offering. The higher you get in the floors of the tower the more challenging things become. Whether it is solving some interesting puzzles or figuring out the best way to tackle a floor, I found the game play to be engaging and refreshing due to the ever evolving nature based on the floor you are on. Having the game play change according to floor progression in both difficulty and new options on how to accomplish your goals kept the game play feeling new and exciting. Remembering to collect red hearts to replenish your health and to keep an eye on your Magic power level because your magic attack decreases by half power if the bar is empty are some examples of good motivators to keep you focused.


The English translated texts from original Japanese is way better than other games in this genre. Very well translated and easy to understand. Stepping on the random book in some levels will trigger a story and some hot naked Hentai sex scene pics to accompany the story being told. The cool part is that every one of these Instances can be read as many times as you want from your diary and gallery in the game. Once unlocked the sequences remain stored there for whatever reason you have to look at them again, and again, and again.... You nasty motherfucker

Art and graphics:

This game is nostalgic in it's feel especially for those over 30 who remember classic NES and SNES games like The Legend Of Zelda. Everything from the top down visual style to the texture of rocks and floors. This game screams RETRO and in a good way too. The sprites look good and the nude big titty cut scenes are well drawn and presented. Even playing this game on full screen on a large monitor does not stress the polygons, I found no distortion or stressing expanding this game to the maximum size on my monitor as you can see in the video review. The effects are well done when using magic powers and collision detection is perfect.


The music and sound effects in this game are exactly what you would expect from a game that looks and plays the way this game does. Nothing is off putting and I never felt that certain sounds became too repetitive or annoying. I thought the game was well mixed and had enough uniqueness in the plethora of sound effects being offered to keep the game play engaging. No Grammy awards will be won here but it certainly does the job well.


The Tower Of Succubus is a very fun and engaging experience. The built in motivating incentives to keep advancing to higher floors keeps you playing this game for hours. There is no shortage of sexy naked Hentai art in this game either, A lot of nasty sex like tentacles, blow jobs, and cream pie scenes are enjoyed as you progress. And whats more, you can visit your gallery or diary in the game to see all of the scenes you collect any time you desire. The Tower Of Succubus is short yet very fulfilling. If you are hardcore and want to hundred percent this game you will find quite a challenge on your hands. For an actual game with some sex in it instead of some sex with a game thrown on top of it play The Tower Of Succubus Now. You can download The Tower Of Succubus from DLsite.com


� Good story

� sexy cut scenes are stored for later

� well mixed sound

� The experience becomes more and more unique and engaging as you get higher and higher in the tower


� Some annoying boss battles

� Outdated graphics

Game Screenshots: