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SinVR - Game Review

Video Review By HornyToonDog:
Not your typical sex simulation experience, SinVR hopes to stand out with attitude and edginess. SinVR is the tatted up, pierced tongue, counter-culture alternative to other well-known virtual reality sex simulators. SinVR adds a lot more than just it's own brand of gothic flavor to the dynamic as it is one of the first serious attempts at developing and distributing a virtual reality-based sex game aimed at today's VR technology. The question is, how does this game differentiate itself from all the other sex simulators out there and is it something anyone regardless of their equipment can play and enjoy.

If you are looking for J.K. Rowling's long lost sex novel you will be sorely disappointed. SinVR has no real linear story, it is a straight forward sex simulating experience. The story is you are a horny dude looking to have a sexual experience that closely resembles real life because it is in virtual reality. You arrive in the game and see the wide selection of playable girls and corresponding stages and cannot wait to have sex for the first time in what may be for some many many years.

The writing aspects of SinVR are limited to the small amount of dialogue that exists for some of the characters you can select to have sex with. For instance, some of the parody characters are based on characters from movies and video games and so they will delightfully have some custom remarks to say before, during, and after sex. Hearing the games version of Jessica Rabbit talk about "Roger" or hearing from a flight attendant how her pilot husband has been cheating on her is part of the light writing that is involved here. It is also a very nice addition to the game that adds an extra kick to the immersive experience. I will say however some of the characters do not say a word which is disappointing, I would have liked to see every single character have at least something to say in some fashion. Art And Graphics: SinVR is all over the place when it comes to graphics and basic physics. This game has very good graphics in some respects and in others, it falls flat on its face. Let's start with the environments which are well conceived and covered in beautiful textures and lighting. Sometimes I felt myself begin to be distracted by the stages and environments due to the high-quality being presented in that respect which is not always a good thing when the focus should be on the character models. Ahh, the character models.... well they are good and they are bad. Basically overall the character models are well done but then they begin to suffer from outrageous physics anomalies. The more you play the game the more crazy things you see whether it is a titty that bounces around in ways not humanly possible or the player's hands which seems to grab onto nothing most of the time in a fixed position. A scene of 69 sex in the game is a perfect example of lazy animating, this is supposed to be a 69 sex scene but the lips are not even close to the genitals and there is no movement at all happening here. also, we have a penis issue, yes that's right we got huge cock problems and that is not meant as a joke. First of all the cock is far too long in proportion to its circumference, and secondly when grabbing the girls waist and moving her around that dick becomes what can only be described as something similar to one of those pipe cleaners you used to make art projects out of in school. Not to keep ranting but also what is with the missing faces? At first, I attributed it to not playing with VR equipment but then noticed on two of the scenes the game adds a clown face and also a death mask head to your body. The question is if you can add a face in these two instances then why am I looking at a retarded missing face in the remaining instances? In summary, I feel like there is some laziness happening here with graphics and animation, for a game that costs money to fully enjoy I expect something better.

The gameplay depends on your equipment. I am not set up for VR so I was forced to use a mouse to play SinVR. This comes with some limitations, most notably you are not able to pick up items to use in the spanking positions. You can still "spank" the girl but not with the items. With VR equipment you can see your hands and wave them around and simulate all sorts of things on your own but with a mouse, the experience is pretty rigid and limited. I think with some further development the team behind SinVR could make things a little more creative for people without VR, especially since the vast majority of people are still not set up for VR in their homes. You are able to zoom in and out with the mouse wheel and change the angle by clicking any empty space and dragging the mouse around. Additionally, you can click on the girl's titties and slap them around or grab the girls waist and hold while moving the mouse around to control her ass position(kind of). The games user interface is easy and simple to understand with a row of sex positions on the bottom you can click one at a time whenever you want. Let's talk about something pretty important in porn and in a so-called sex simulator, the orgasm. Surprisingly this game does not emphasize the orgasm or cum shot in a huge way. Where is the over-embellished fountain of semen I have come to expect in such an experience? Well not here, it just is not here. When that bar on the top reaches red and starts over I had to struggle to look close at the cock and vagina to find a cum shot. The game is a bit thin on custom features in fact here are a few things I wish to see in SinVR. Why not let the player have more control over the girls clothing and other factors about her appearance in real time or at all for that matter? Why not allow the player to create a custom girl of their own to fuck or better yet custom stages? Why not allow more custom control over your own characters skin color, penis size and type, and more? Let's see some effort here guys. Lastly, the load times in this game are the longest I have ever seen in any game I have reviewed. I played every character and stage each to one full bar and when I edited the play through I edited out all of the load times. I made sure to note down the length of the video before I edited out the load times and found that after I edited them out the video was about 45 minutes shorter.

The sound through most of the game was pretty good and I had not many complaints. I noticed a few issues with echo and glitches which may or may not be due to my own system so I will not spend too much time on that as a negative here without further testing. As mentioned earlier dialogue is interesting when some of the girls have character specific custom remarks to say before, during, and after sex. The moans and sounds of sexual pleasure are done well and sound good. The ambient sounds of some of the stages are also well done and help out with allowing the player to really get into the game and immerse themselves

In conclusion, SinVR has a great slew of factors that give it a strong beginning. I just cannot help but feeling that it is not a finished game. There is a lot that can be added and also a lot that can be removed to make this game perfect and more broadly attractive. The game as it still represents a worthwhile experience that anyone should try. Some people with VR equipment that are really into that kind of thing are going to want to go even further than trying but even buying this game. I recommend this game as a try before you buy, And this reviewer really hopes you try because if not you're missing out on a unique experience.

� Compatible with most major brands of VR equipment and playable on Steam VR
� Creative parody characters with unique stages and dialogue
� A lot of characters and stages to choose from

� Some of the longest load times I have ever seen
� Graphical bugs and physics problems
� Lack of customization options
� A greatly degraded experience for people not playing with VR equipment

You can purchase Sin VR on www.SinVR.co

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