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Puzzles & Panties - Game Review

Video Review By HornyToonDog:
Jump into the world of 'Puzzles & Panties'; a sexy, naughty, free to play Match 3 game featuring smoking hot girls, rich visual novel elements, sexy characters, fierce battles, animated sex scenes and addictive gameplay with a deep card collection and fusion/upgrade system. Play on your PC or smart device!

You play a young teenage witch who is being taught at an academy of witchcraft much like an all-female pornographic version of Hogwarts. You quickly develop into your teacher's favorite student thanks to your ability to eat her perverted lesbian pussy just the right way. She takes you under her wing and sets you off on a quest to take the trials of magic which the main game's sequence of events occur. She will be your main interaction as far as story elements are concerned throughout the game. At critical points in your journey, she will appear and have conversations with you about what you will be imminently facing.

The writing is not going to make it onto the NY best sellers list any time soon. That is not to say it is horrible I am just saying it is mediocre. Mediocrity aside the writing is most likely the appropriate style for this game. This game is not about a lot of substance and drama and the writing is dumbed down to meet this laid back presentation. Almost every conversation is overly laden with repetitive sexual innuendo and flirtatious back and forths. To me it became cringe but for some, it may seem right at home. I will not criticize the writing too badly because I think in this case it may be a matter of opinion more than anything else and I can see how many would feel like the writing style is more than perfect for this kind of a game.

Art And Graphics:
Art is pristine and lovely. The visuals are dazzling and stunning in this game. the nudity is very hot and sexy and the basic look of the backgrounds, stages, and characters are well-drawn. As far as the graphics go, those too are very nice with bright and colorful animated quarks in the match game sequences and bright flashes of magical fury in the attack sequences. The rendering and animation in the sexual encounters I fantastic and it is nice to see fully animated scenes instead of still images being sort of animated. even down to the basic aesthetics of the menu, items, and layout we see some detailed work of the highest level. I would say that art and graphics would be the strong suit of this game and it's the strongest quality.

The gameplay is very fun and laid back. IT is not too easy but at the same time not too hard. They struck just the right balance difficulty wise here to enhance that laid back just having fun feeling this game is all about. The addictive and satisfying nature of the crystal matching game which is very familiar to those who play candy crush or Tetris is fun and rewarding. Hitting a 5 times combo attacks is so satisfying it is hard to put into words. Putting together that attack that lays waste you an entire wave in one move it a fantastic feeling. Managing your items and cards kind of gives you a faint RPG vibe even if just for a fleeting moment. Also, the visual novel aspects such as talking to your teacher and more are seamlessly woven into this game at just the right quantities to make the whole package feel balanced and appropriate.

The sound is above average but not awesome. I think there could have been maybe 20 percent more sound variations but overall the quality of what is actually in the game is quite high. The sound is clear and loud and the effects present are well suited for where they are applied. The music is just there, in the background, allowing you to enjoy the game and not be too distracted which is a plus. This is a very sound effect driven experience with no voice-overs but I think that is okay as this game is not about long dialogue. The sound effects in the fight and matching sequences are superb and never felt strange or repetitive.

In conclusion, Puzzles & Panties is a 100 percent free game with very optional for pay items. For a free game, this is one hell of an experience. Also being available on mobile is a big plus because it is a perfect grind and blind kind of game where you can just sort of relax and enjoy matching the crystals and grinding away. While the game has some faults they are far and few between. Overall this is a great game with a lot of fun to be had and I highly recommend it to anyone just looking to kill some time.

� Good graphics
� Vibrant colors and artwork
� Looud and high quality sound effects
� RPG and visual novel elements
� It is FREE

� Could have made it a bit easier to obtain rare powerful cards at less cost

You can play Puzzles & Panties on Eroges

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