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Project QT - Game Review

Video Review By HornyToonDog:


Hentai sex game website Nutaku offers the latest free-to-play game for Android and desktop browsers - Project QT. This is one of their newest games and it is a tantalizing hybrid of puzzle game mechanics and exciting turn based RPG like combat. Mix in upgradeable heroes and tons of hot naked chicks and Nutaku hopes we are left with a recipe for greatness. So, is it project CUTIE, or is it more like project POOPIE? let's jump right into it and find out...


The story is vague yet there is just enough info provided to give you an account of what it is meant to be. Some kind of a black hole experiment went haywire in the arctic tundra and a rift opened up which unleashed a killer virus that eventually destroyed mankind. In project QT you are basically fighting to contain the infection using some of the craziest weapons imaginable..... namely naked hentai chicks. Unfortunately it seems the game itself has forgotten it's own story line. if it were not for Nutaku offering summaries and synopsis's most gamers may even play this entire game and never even realize the mentioned story line above. Very few references are made to the core story through out the game play experience. So the real question is why even bother having a story if you are going to miss the opportunity to use it to offer the player a better experience? Did Nutaku completely manufacture this story line just to dress up the games home page? This reviewer smells something fishy going on here.

Art And Graphics�

One thing project QT nailed here is it's graphics and art work. The game is colorful, clear, bright and welcoming. You can tell it was made for mobile devices first and foremost due to the desktop browser version maintaining it's cell phone aspect ratio but that really is just a slight negative aspect in the overall awesomeness that is this games graphics. The games main puzzle and matching element is well animated and lights up the screen when you are able to land special tiles. The girls special attacks are vibrant and provide some great eye candy for battle scenes. The seduction area is a whole other animal in the graphics department. Suddenly you have stunning 3d renderings of the girl tied up being seduced by you. These models were done brilliantly at a high quality I can respect.


After you recruit your hot hentai girls you will send them into the heat of combat experiencing game play that throws everything we love about puzzle games and twists it into a blender with well done turn based combat. The lower area of your screen is a board of different themed tiles representing elements like wind, water, fire, lightning etc. You must match them to their same type by drawing a line along them. After so many moves your team of girls will automatically engage in combat attacking your opponents. Upgrading your girls to maximum 5 stars will increase their abilities and unlock sexy scenes. the game supposedly features up to 50 animated hentai scenes for your enjoyment.


Sound is very good in this game. It is not by any means some kind of revelation or amazing stand out but the sound is solid. the music is not annoying and allows the player to enjoy themselves. The music is just THERE and does not take away from the game play which is always nice. Sound effects are even better whether it is the rapid fire of a gun, the flowing power of a spell or just the matching of the games puzzle tiles, sound effects are spot on here. The various in game clicks and beeps when just navigating the player user interface is pleasant and never had an annoying repetitive feel to it even after long sessions of just trying to investigate the UI.


In conclusion, Project QT is one of those games that can be addictive to many certain types of players. One should be careful not to become so addicted you end up spending the rent money on items! The incentive to upgrade all of your girls and see all of the in game sex content is strong and drives the player to spend hours on end in this awesome game. While the story could have been a more integral part of this somewhat shallow game, the game itself is still entertaining and engaging. Give it a try, chances are you will like this one.


  • Great graphics
  • Solid sound and sound effects
  • Truly is free-to-play


  • Can be incredibly addictive and prey on certain addictive personalities and drain them dry
  • The story is nowhere to be found yet is promised in multiple third party promotional places
You can play the full game at Nutaku

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