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Pornstar Harem - Game Review

Are you ready for a harem-type game? Pornstar harem is yet another game from Kinkoid with the same "formula" as Comix heroes, Harem Heroes, and Gay Harem. Like those past games I reviewed Porn Star Harem uses the same recipe but is re-skinned, this time with real actors. But is it really free to play as the past iteration claimed? Let's find out.

Porn star harem is the fantasy real-world version of the games I mentioned. The story is that you, the player, are a broke developer at your wit's end trying to make ends meet when an angel offers you an opportunity of a lifetime. After briefly explaining how you got deus ex machina'd you are launched into the story and the gameplay of Porn star harem. You get to progress through the said story and enjoy the dialogue. While sometimes cringy I have to give it to whoever wrote it, it is funny and even entertaining sometimes.

Unlike Harem Heroes and Comix Heroes, where you can enjoy lewds of various hentai and comic art Porn star harem features pictures. Said pictures are hot and of good quality. Every girl in your harem has multiple pictures that are new poses you unlock by raising their "affection". The pictures from the story are detailed and usually feature a close-up of zones of interest. Every new slideshow features different girls and dudes. Apart from that the menu and various items are simplistic and clean.

Gameplay is the same as in the past releases. First, you have the story mode and side stories where it's basically a slideshow of pictures you get through using energy. Every time you progress through those pictures you gain experience. After you gather enough exp you level up and earn 10 energy that gets added to your energy pool. Speaking of, once you deplete your energy you'll have to either wait for it to replenish or pay with gold which is a currency that you buy with real money. As mentioned gold is bought by the user, you can straight up pay for it or subscribe to a premium membership that grants some bonuses along with the monthly gold. There is also a season pass that makes daily missions rewards more interesting. Second, you have the PVP aspect where you battle against other players and their team of girls. You can build your team of girls that you recruit through the various gacha-type lotteries by collecting 100 of their respective tokens. The combat is automatic but there are some strategic elements like a weapon triangle and element weaknesses. The power of your team is raised through leveling up your girls, the higher their level the higher your power that part is quite simple really. That's basically all gameplay is.

Unlike the other installments, there isn't any sound effect except for the same song playing over and over again. While catchy, it will get repetitive since there's only one track. Let's be honest that is lazy of the developer to not add even one more track to the game. One song, that's all you get but it's still better than nothing. I'm looking at you MnF club!

I'm kinda forced to recycle my conclusion from comix harem here folks. Kinkoid found a system that works and they know it. At this point playing any of their games is just a matter of preference art-wise. Comic, Hentai, real-life gay or straight. Free to play is far from the truth tho, yes you don't NEED to pay but let's be honest if you don't your progress will be very slow, almost non-existent really. Now like I said before all of kinkoid's games are the same but reskinned and if you like that type you probably are willing to pay for smoother progress. The question is which one is your cup of tea? Is it worth the money? Again if this is the type of game you enjoy then yes, to each their own.

-Huge cast of actors and girls to recruit
-Pictures are all HD
-Hot sex "scenes"
-Entertaining dialogue

-Limited sound

You play the game over here

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Game Screenshots: