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Nekopara - Game Review


Nekopara is a very long and immersive sex game set in a world where CATGIRLS, cat like human hybrids, exists along side normal humans. Your characters name is Kashou, and you have left home without telling anyone including your own little sister. Your goal is to open a bakery and fulfill your life long dreams. Little did you realize that two frisky catgirls have smuggled themselves in your moving boxes.


The story begins with Kashou unpacking his moving boxes in his new bakery he plans to open. He comes across two very odd boxes he does not recognize. Suddenly he begins to hear noises from the boxes and discovers two of his catgirls have smuggled themselves in the boxes. Chocola and Vanilla are two catgirl sisters that Kashou has raised from kittens and they could not stand to part with him. He quickly gets over his anger and starts to decide what action would be best in this situation. The entirety of chapter 1 is spent dealing with the sneaky catgirls. After his sister refuses to let them come back and after some very cute begging from the adorable catgirls, Kashou finally agrees to let them stay with him above his new bakery. This very long and drawn out game is a full 10 chapters in length. One might assume that the most nudity to be seen in this adventure is a simple shower scene after playing all the way through to chapter 4 or 5. One might begin to feel disappointed if the player had started this game with some sort of perverted intentions in mind. Please don't fret my horny dudes, this game holds back and gets very lewd and pornographic in the last few chapters. The majority of the first third of the game is laden with cuteness OVERLOAD. I mean the cuteness is just poured on in every scene. It may be almost too cute and for some super manly men the cuteness may be off putting but for those who understand and embrace the subtle humor of Japanese style animation this will be considered a job well done. Most of the game is spent observing Kashou's inner monologue as he slowly falls deep in love with his catgirls. Kashou is too modest and shy to be forward enough to initiate any kind of sexual situations so the story of course takes a nice turn towards the end when the catgirls begin to go into heat and leave him no choice but to sexually ravage them.


The writing in this game is simply superb. It is so well thought out and masterfully put together. If I didn't know any better I would think this game was written originally in English, that is how good it comes across. Kashou has a lot of inner monologue parts where he is thinking to himself between dialogue and these are some very well written pieces of work. Even though these parts may come off as super cheesy at time with the overly descriptive adjectives like "her hand caressed my tight neck muscles like a soft sea breeze..." in the full context of this game and how it is written it just seems right. The writers had the forethought as well to weave in plot lines and swerves that are later explained, which is a sign of writers who are definitely not lazy.

Art and graphics:

The art and graphics in this game are on a professional level not often seen in such Indy games. Hats off to the artists for their superb Anime work. Many times in low budget productions the characters may be well done but the environments are lacking. This game offers the full package of supremely rendered character models and immersive colorful environments surrounding them. Whether it is a serious sunset scene with tough decisions being made in the story, or a simple bakery scene of lighthearted banter, this art department got it right. Graphics and animations are also well done, with the bouncy nature of chests even being tended to carefully. The only negative with animations was some repetitive stationary stances of the main characters over time but this was not too annoying.


This game has some of the best voice acting I have ever heard in a sex game, PERIOD. The females who voiced Chocola and Vanilla should get an Oscar for their dedicated performances. Throwing in the occasional "meow" in the way they did without it sounding forced or stupid is no easy task. During sex scenes the sounds of blow jobs and wet penetration are done very well and are very arousing. The voice acting during sex scenes is over the top in a good way with moaning and howling at it's most erotic level.


This is one of the best sex games out there right now. The great story with so many emotions being skillfully portrayed along with the highly pornographic nature of the sex scenes masterfully intertwined in such a way as to not cheapen the grandiosity of the overall experience is something these game developers should be very proud of. I will be honest, once I got to chapter 5 and realized no sex had happened yet I began to worry, but the way it is held back and then explodes into the story is what is so great about this game. You don't have to be a furry freak to like this, the catgirls are much more human than anything else and trust me this is one sexy thrill ride you do not want to miss.

You can download Nekopara from Steam and DLsite.com


� Masterfully written story

� Great pace to keep you playing all 10 chapters

� wonderful artwork

� orgasmic pornographic sex scenes

� Superb voice acting

� Pro level graphics, presentation, and over all quality.


� repetitive non-animated character stances

Game Screenshots: