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Nakadashi Banzai (Harajuku Dating Paradise) - Game Review

Harajuku Dating Paradise is the English translated version of the Hentai style adult visual novel by Ume Soft.

The story here is one of many horny guys all over the world. You are in town for a while and have a hotel room all to yourself. Feeling the pains of loneliness you decide to venture out into the city and use your awesome pickup skills to land some hot babes back to your room. Along the way in this visual novel, you will encounter three distinctly different girls with different personalities. You must use your skills to overcome the barriers and end up balls deep inside of their wet pussys.

The writing in Harajuku is pretty funny. I mean it is quite hilarious at times, especially that of the main character and how he talks to these girls. The way he manipulates them is almost too much. The comical overreactions from the girls to your actions make it even more hilarious. You might even have a hard time masturbating due to the amount of laughter you are likely to belt out. Overall the writing is charming and to the point. I did not expect an epic novel of drama and got exactly what I was looking for in the words. Art And Graphics: No animations but of course there aren't since this is a visual novel. As far as the artwork is concerned I thought it looked quite good. The artist was able to accurately portray some very nice facial expressions on the girls during various scenes and moments. The characters were illustrated well and so were some of the backgrounds. This artist has a particular skill for nipples and breasts as these were done wonderfully.

This might be the one and only real major flaw in this game. while the sound itself is clear, and the character voices and noises are done very well and realistically, the music is a trashy experience. This game has only one song and it is looped over and over again throughout the entire game. It gets very old very quick. The game needs variations in the music for different scenes and moods. The voiceovers were stellar but the music here just sucks balls.

In conclusion, Harajuku Dating Paradise is a great visual novel for those who enjoy them. The sex segments are almost as long as the non-sex segments which is the perfect balance in my opinion. while the music could have been much better it is a small flaw up against so many positives. If your looking to laugh your ass off with your dick in your hand then this is definitely the ride your looking for.

� Hilarious and wonderfully done writing
� great voiceovers
� well done illustrations
� equal time for sex and chatting
� Only one song that loops forever
� some glitches when saving a game causes black background must load from said point to fix it

You can purchase Nakadashi Banzai (Harajuku Dating Paradise) on Eroges

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