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Kamihime Project - Game Review

Video Review By HornyToonDog:

Kamihime Project R is the adult version of Kamihime Project and is available to play for free on Nutaku.net. A very intricate and strategy craving experience this game is all about gameplay and strategy first with the adult aspect taking a back seat. With this being said you will find plenty of hot scenes as you play. So what makes Kamihime stand out from the crowd? Well the answer is A LOT.


In Kamihime Project, you are the player who is taking on the role of the successor, A young warrior who finds an ancient artifact known as the �Device� while exploring some ancient landscapes. This blasts him and his childhood friend Alyssa into an epic journey to prevent the second coming of Ragnarok, An apocalyptic event that once completely destroyed an ancient civilization many millennium ago. During this adventure you will have to recruit souls, Kamihime, and powerful Eidolons to assist you in completing your mission.


One word is best used to describe the writing in this game, INCREDIBLE. The creators went all out on story and really went above and beyond to craft some amazing dialogue in this game. The fact that much of the writing is voiced by actual people means that the quality of the writing had to be impeccable and indeed it was. Whether it is humorous quips, back story reminiscing, or simple back and forth most of the characters dialogue was spot on. As opposed to many games of this nature I never once got bored and started to skip through dialogue simply to get to the next part, I wanted to hear the story and that is proof of quality here.

Art And Graphics:

Let's start with art, it is incredible. The artwork is stunning and epic with astonishing attention to detail even in scenes where the artists could have used lazy shortcuts. Colors are vibrant and characters are distinct and stand on their own as depicted. They found some real top notch artists for this one and I am glad they did. After all a great game is even greater when it is pretty to look at. As for the graphics, again they scored a home run. For a turn based battle game like this graphics are not always a huge emphasis but here they decided to take no shortcuts and deliver a stunning graphical experience. I was impressed by the animations during battle as well as the simple yet appropriate facial expressions during casual dialogue scenes. The modeling on some of the monsters is quite epic and awesome. Again let me emphasize, so far this game screams quality.


Believe me I am literally searching for something bad to say but I just can;t because even with sound these guys hit a home run. The various musical scores in the game are enchanting and non-generic. The music actually feels soulful and heartfelt. The composer here deserves a lot of credit because his scores are a big part of setting the mood of the action and various scenes in the game. Often a game will have everything else in top form but then the sound will be complete shit, I am glad to say that in Kamihime this is not the case.


Kamihime is the most complete, well done game I have reviewed to date. It's epic in depth game play mechanics and universally well executed components make it a powerhouse of an entry. The sex scenes are great but at it's heart this is just an incredible game. It rivals many mainstream titles out today in both game play and graphics. Click the play button for the titties and end up staying for the epic journey and experience that is Kamihime project.

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� Hot sex scenes

� Incredible graphics

� Inspiring sound

� Amazing game play

� Rewarding Journey

� Engaging story

� Great writing


� If you find one, LET ME KNOW

You can purchase Kamihime Project on Nutaku:

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