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iStripper - Game Review

Video Review By HornyToonDog:


iStripper is a very trustworthy name in the adult industry having been around for a very long time. The newest cutting edge version of what they offer is known as iStripper, a desktop application downloadable from istripper.com. This company is very familiar to those of the boomer generation as it has it's roots all the way back in 1998 with it's first products�VirtuaGirl and DeskBabes. Those were similar to the modern iStripper in the sense that it is all about strippers being delivered to you on demand in some form or another. So is the 2020 iteration of this tried and true formula still worth your time and money? Let's dive right into it..

Art And Graphics�

One thing that is noticeable right away after downloading the iStripper application is the stunning level of detail. The dancing girls that appear like magic in front of your eyes look fantastic and of the highest quality. They seamlessly blend in with any background whether it is your cluttered desktop or over any window or other application you may be also using while running iStripper. It is not just the detail of the girls themselves that stands out but also the graphical user interface or GUI. The application and it's functions are smooth, pretty, and very modern. Along with being modern and cutting edge the interface is also very easy to understand for all generations of users.


The game play of iStripper is all about you and your desires. It caters to your individual likes and preferences when it comes to girls and their features and personalities. each girl up for offer has a full bio and easy to see look so you can decide whether or not she is your type before you pay the very reasonable price to see her full show. She starts out as a small model on the lower right corner of your screen and with one simple left click grows large and centered on the screen. You can turn off or on the music while keeping the girls audio intact and can even import your own musical playlists. You will find everything from modest dancers who simply strip naked and gyrate all the way to hardcore solo sessions with girls using dildos and fingers to pleasure themselves. The store and your collection can be easily filtered to weed out what you don;t want and focus on what you do want. if you ever get sick of the strippers and want to venture into to new territory check out the virtual reality content or even the live cam girls with one click of the mouse.


The sound is crisp, clear, and easy to control.. Many of the girls have actual audio and talk as they play others do not. The cool part is if you want the music to be muted it is easy to do while still being able to hear the girls individual audio. You can also import your own music or download other styles of music from the website. Many girls talk dirty and also you can hear the ambient noises of their lewd deeds as they perform. Sadly this is not the case with every girl but it is nice when it does happen.


In conclusion, iStripper is a great alternative to for any man to enjoy instead of going out to a strip club. Whether you tend to spend too much money, you just don;t like going out, or you prefer the added customization and control of a simulation, this can be a very hot solution for many needs. The prices are very reasonable, it will cost you about 5 bucks to unlock the full dance and show of the average girl and you own it forever after that. That beats going out on a friday night and spending 300 dollars on drinks and strippers. Also, how many times have you gone to the club and found out all the dancers are snatched out crack whores far beyond their prime? That will never happen in iStripper!


  • Great graphics
  • You have ultimate control
  • Affordable
  • Very large amount of content available
  • You own what you buy for life


  • Would be nice to see couples, other kinds of porn.
  • Would be awesome if your iStripper credits carried over to the live cams website
You can play the full game at iStripper.com

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