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Harem Heroes - Game Review

Video Review By HornyToonDog:


You are led into a crazy alternate universe where hot sexy hentai manga girls are completely wild for sex. In this world men are to create harems of these girls to please themselves and to use in sexual contests against others. Your worth is measured by the size, strength, and effectiveness of your harem of hot babes. So is this game also substance as well as just hot pussy and big titties? Let's find out..


Harem Heroes also known as Hentai Heroes depending on your location and the website you find it on, is a very hot and sexy full fledged RPG. It contains a heaping serving of uncensored hentai sex content. Your main goal here is to recruit the best hentai girls you can find to be apart of your harem. Most of your recruits come from encounters you will have in the main story mode of the game. Speaking of which, the story mode is very well done and also hilarious. Your adventure and random encounters are memorable and humorous. You will have plenty of laughs and also plenty of raging boners playing through the story. During your campaign you must overcome other characters with your pure sexual power thus winning the favor of hot girl to add to your harem and grow stronger. The story is a big part of this game but also just a small part when considering the totality that is the tons of game modes present in Harem Heroes.

Art And Graphics

This is one of the most beautiful games I have ever reviewed from Nutaku. The visuals are stunning and colorful. The art work is fantastic with very high quality illustrations through out the game. Even down to the little details like the characters facial expressions and small background displays, there is no corner that is cut when it comes to the visuals. Through out the main story you will traverse many different environments from ships at sea, to castles, to grasslands, and even towns. All are drawn and animated wonderfully. The main in game map and graphical user interface is stunning as well with dazzling effects and very good layouts. I cannot think of one bad thing to say about this games art or graphics.�


The game play in Harem Heroes is engaging and exhaustive. You have the main story or campaign which throws you into a long and very well written story. This story also helps you build your harem. There are also no shortage of side quests and mini games to choose from to gain rewards and XP. Also the thing that makes this game even more epic is your ability to enter into tournaments and matches with other players from around the world pitting your harems against one another. This adds a much deeper and more serious element letting you know that Harem Heroes is the real deal. Showering your harem with gifts, items, and rewards will make them stronger in sexual contests. The constant theme of the game especially in the campaign, is that your sexual victories will open that sealed door, defeat that stubborn enemy, win the love of that rare hentai girl... it is all about sex and how good you do it.


The sound in Harem Heroes is pretty good. The music is appropriate for the mood and pace of the game and there were enough sound effects fro button clicks and other actions to avoid that repetitive feeling you can sometimes get from these sorts of games. The sound is robust and entertaining. I Have to give the developers credit for throwing in enough different sound tracks to fit all of the various moments like harem battles, various campaign situations, the main game area, and even the side mini games. They all had their own flavor of music and it was awesome.


In conclusion, Harem Heroes is a full fledged hentai RPG with a great concept, theme, and story. It's mix of knee slapping humor with dick fapping erotica will have you hooked in mere minutes of starting the game. The vast amount of different in game modes as well as the main story are fulfilling and satisfying. This may be the most feature rich free to play game I have ever experienced. If you like the idea of commanding a harem of several hot hentai girls and enjoying a long and engaging story to boot, go play Harem Heroes now!


  • Amazing Graphics
  • Stunning colorful visuals
  • The funniest and most humorous game ever
  • Loaded with hentai sex scenes from start to finish
  • Huge amount of game modes and seemingly endless things to do


  • Starts out free but soon you are very tempted to spend money because the game is so damn good
You can play the full game at Nutaku

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