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Fallen: Makina and the City of Ruins - Game Review

Makina And The City Of Ruins takes you on an adventure with Makina into the Ruins of Gardona. What fate awaits Makina and her friends as they travel around Gardona and descend further into the ruins? Well, let's get right into it...

Makina is an RPG, as expected with such a genre of gaming this one has quite the full story. Makina is an adventurer with a sort of celebrity-like following. Those she encounters know her as "The Blazing Haired Makina". This is likely due to her red hair. Makina is a tough yet good person who encounters those in need of her help and also those who can benefit her. The story starts in the city of Gardona where she seemingly dives headfirst into an existing story arch as a result of her attempts to gain access to the famed underground ruins. The story is well conceived and well presented. What's even more impressive is the 4 or more side stories you can follow into alternate endings.

The writing in makina is superb. For a game translated to English, you may have never even guessed. The English presentation is without flaws. The dialogue is both fun and funny at times. The writers really knew how to convey each characters personalities via text alone which can be super hard to accomplish. With these long RPG'S sometimes you get the urge to skim and even skip through some dialogue, but in this case, I craved the back and forths and looked forward to the story elements.

Art And Graphics:
This is a top-down platforming RPG. For what it is the graphics are actually quite nice. Bright colors and no repetitive textures that I could see. The close-up artwork of characters during important scenes and sex scenes is very well drawn. Colors remain bright and accurate and the characters themselves are given loads of personality by the art team here. The sexual illustrations are also quite magnificent, And likely in the top 3 or 4 out of all of the sex games I have played.

Sound is where many sex games and especially large RPG'S usually fall short. It almost seems as if sound is considered an afterthought by many in the industry. Makina, on the other hand, has not disappointed. From the very first title screen, it quickly becomes apparent that this game has incredible music. The title screen music is whimsical and elegant. In the in-game music is also incredible. Every area has its own unique music. Tracks are barely re-used in the game. As for the sound effects, these are also top notch. The sounds of battle, the sounds of simply opening and closing a door, all of them crisp and clear.

In conclusion, Makina And The City Of Ruins is an incredible sex game and an even more incredible RPG. I played this game for 8 hours straight and loved every moment. The titular characters, the superb and moody sound, the hot sex scenes, and the incredible adventure and story behind it captivated my attention. This is a 5-star game. If you love challenging yet rewarding RPG experiences and sex games this is definitely for you.

� Incredible sound
� Amazing story
� Enjoyable gameplay
� Hot sex scenes
� Humorous encounters

� None

You can purchase Makina and the City of Ruins on Eroges

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