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Cunt Wars - Game Review

Video Review By HornyToonDog:

Story & Introduction

The concept for the Cunt Wars game is fairly straightforward. It is a fantasy RPG where you play as the dude named Adam who is going through some sort of hell to defeat demon lords, collect bitches, get fucked, and gain power. Nothing difficult. No twists and turns. You eventually unlock new characters and the story probably gets somewhat deeper, but that�s the main focus of the game.

Art And Graphics

Chick Wars much like Fap CEO, has extremely good graphics and good frame rates. The game play is smooth like butter with colorful characters and some of the best in game illustrations I have ever seen such as the artwork on the various in game cards. The game is filled with artwork at every turn including the loading screens and menus. Flashes of light and magic are dazzling and spectacular when during a fight various special powers are summoned forth unto your enemy. Overall the graphical and art experience in Chick Wars is on a whole other level from most other flash based or mobile based games.


Chick Wars emphasizes player versus player game pay whole also offering several options for taking on non player characters in various "battle modes". The Battle modes in the game are location specific and you can be strategic using these various modes on how to level up your character the best.� The goal is to unlock cards that represent higher level and more powerful characters. Also unlocking chests can reveal cards that deliver in game currency as well as XP to level up your characters. Before going into battle you choose your "deck" which basically means you choose your team from the available fighters in your inventory. Winning matches will earn you much needed rewards. I found PVP to be hard initially only to discover that I should use one of the many NPC based battle modes first to level up my fighters and main character to match some of the higher ranked players.


Sound is crisp and clear and totally top notch in this game. From being able to make your character say one of many different funny sayings during battle to the epic music and glorious sound effects this game has it all. Wear headphones to truly appreciate the sound work that has been done here. So many sound effects it is almost impossible to feel anything repetitive in the experience. Opening chests, revealing cards, clicking elements, and all of the in game battle sound effects are splendid to listen to. Many games excel in every possible area and provide a great game play experience only to neglect sound as if it is an afterthought. I can confidently say that Chick Wars did not do that here, they made sure the sound was on point.


In conclusion, HOLY MOLY! Chick Wars provides a never ending PVP experience that will have you addicted to leveling up and building a dominating team of fighters. The ability to stand out in an online gaming community is unique and special. You are only limited to the amount of hard work you are willing to invest. Buying in game items is optional and I never felt like I had to buy something to succeed in this game. Anyone who likes these kind of games should check this out even if they are not looking for an adult sex game. This game is the real deal.


  • Amazing graphics
  • Amazing sound
  • Awesome PVP game play mechanics
  • Rewarding experience collecting and upgrading
  • Top Notch Artwork


  • Not an easy game
You can play the full game at Nutaku

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Game Screenshots: