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Comix Harem - Game Review

Get ready to discover yet another universe where harems are the focus in this newest release from Kinkoid. Comix Harem is the third release based on the same base game code as harem Heroes. It was re-skinned with new characters and art for gay Harem and now we have Comix Harem featuring harems made up of superhero type characters. Much like in the past game, actually EXACTLY like the past games, the goal is to build a harem of hotties and upgrade it to be victorious in battles of sex abilities against other players and various NPC'S. Once again the game is described as "free to play" so we are going to test that claim as part of our review. So without further ado lets get right into it.

Comix Harem is the Superhero version of the extremely popular straight Harem Heroes (Hentai Heroes) games. The game is essentially once again identical in every way to the original just simply re-skinned with a new superhero theme and new characters and artwork. It really is a full featured RPG and is quite hot and sexy. This game contains loads of uncensored hardcore sex scenes in fact it may have the most raunchy content out of all of the harem games thus far. At the core of this game is the most important objective, to find and recruit hot superheros and superheroines to join your harem thus growing it's size and strength. You will find new members by simply playing the story portion of the game and also by playing chance games and by unlocking rewards. Speaking of the story mode, it is extremely fun to experience with a good balance of humor and hardcore sex through out. You will find yourself masturbating stroking your dick on the edge of blowing until you are asked to pay for more energy and in your altered state you give in. Your character in comix harem is a superhero type with a unique power, your dick an cum can repair and energize humans, so it is no surprise that hot big titty chicks are trying to jump on your dick left and right.

Art And Graphics
This is a remarkable game when it comes to the artwork and visuals. The artist and or artists behind the drawings of the nude characters and sex scenes in this game deserves to be recognized for delivering some of the hottest visuals I have ever seen. The illustrations are vivid and arousing between depictions of big its and loose pussy to the cum drenched endings of various sexcapades in the cutscenes. The funny and outrageous facial expressions on your character next tot he various text bubbles are memorable and at times made me LOL. the main campaign will showcase amazing backgrounds of all kinds of climates and environments both interior and exterior. I found these to be immaculate and a feast for the eyes.

When it comes to the gameplay in Comix Harem there is no shortage of options, in fact it is quite extensive. Aside from the main story campaign which in itself is long and fulfilling, you have all sorts of side quests, mini games, and activities to take part in. The addition of player versus player game modes which allow you to pit your harems against other players and also compete in various contests and rankings rounds out the exhaustive game mode options in this pornographic superhero themed RPG.

The sound in Comix Harem is a solid 8 out of 10. The music is appropriate for the mood and pace of the game and there were enough sound effects for button clicks and other actions to avoid that repetitive feeling you can sometimes get from these sorts of games. There will be no awards for most unique game music of the year but at the same time there is nothing objectional to be found. The sound is modern and enjoyable to listen to. I Have to give the developers credit for throwing in enough different sound tracks to fit all of the various moments like harem battles, various campaign situations, the main game area, and even the side mini games. They all had their own flavor of music and it was awesome.

In conclusion, Comix harem gives me mixed emotions. Kinkoid found a formula that obviously worked and made them big bucks with Harem Heroes and have now re-skinned that game twice with a gay version and now this Comic book version aimed at capitalizing off of the current popularity of Marvel an DC. Is it lazy? maybe. But the old saying, "if it aint broke don't fix it" comes to mind here. The changes made to each game make it stand out enough on it's own to be worth playing and to find a level of unique enjoyment in my opinion. "Free to play" is becoming less and less true however as in the case of Comix Harem I found I hit the paywall at a record early juncture. On the other side of the coin however is the undeniable fact that this game is worth money, it is far above the level of free in it's quality and for what it has to offer as a whole. Now you have three harem games on Nutaku, I recommend you choose one of the 3 and now that you have a hentai choice, a gay choice, and a superhero choice it is easy to make your decision.


  • Amazing Graphics
  • Stunning colorful visuals
  • The funniest and most humorous game ever
  • Loaded with hardcore sex scenes from start to finish
  • Huge amount of game modes and seemingly endless things to do


  • Starts out free but soon you are very tempted to spend money because the game is so damn good and it is impossible to play entirely free from start to finish.
  • Pay wall hits you very early as a result of energy costs
You can play the full game here. We also have a Comix Harem Demo playable right here at WetPussyGames.

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