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Chick Wars - Game Review

Video Review By HornyToonDog:

Chick Wars(also known as Cunt Wars) is turn based PVP strategy hentai game developed by Hooligapps. This game is a free to play offering available on nutaku.net to all who wish to experience it. This game runs on either PC browser or Android. Similar to games like Hearthstone, this card game has a sexy twist.


The story here is vague and almost nonexistent. From what I have been able to gather you are a peasant from a broken family and you dream of power and gold. In your pursuit of riches you set out with your army of sluts to conquer the world. You train and harness their powers while also enjoying the perks of leading an all female army such as bit tits and blow jobs.


What writing? This game has none. Aside from the occasional dialogue from your enemy before a fight there is no story and therefore no writing. If the developers had designed a story based introduction of sorts it could have set the mood much better. This is definitely a game created by coders who write nerdy code and definitely not novelists. If you are looking for an interesting story look somewhere else and run away from this shallow experience.

Art And Graphics:

Finally some good news. Having recently reviewed other turn based games I must say this one is refreshingly sharp and colorful. The character designs are creative and thoughtful. The animations are smooth and snappy. I enjoy unleashing my unit on it's turn to see the action based animation that ensues. The main menu and game map are also rich and well designed. The artwork is good but missing here is an abundance of hot naked hentai scenes. The extent of nudity in this game consists of still images that pop up every now and then. Unless your a soy boy virgin you probably wont be busting your nut to this game.


The sound is crisp, clear, and immense. For once I find a game that does not have annoyingly repetitive sound effects and noises. I never once felt like any one sound effect was being cheaply replicated over and over again. The sound effects themselves are actually pretty high quality which was very surprising for a game like this and satisfying too. Every type of chick has a different sound effect to go along with their unique attack animation. Many games like this get very lazy when it comes to the sounds and so I must say I am impressed at the attention paid to sounds in Chick Wars.


In conclusion, Chick Wars is a very satisfying turn based PVP strategy game that delivers on sound, animations, art, and game play but drops the ball when it comes to story and depth. For some the lack of a story and creative direction may not be a big deal but for others it may be a deal breaker. For this reviewer it doesn't ruin the game because I enjoyed it for what it is, and action packed strategy game being played online against other players in a competitive setting. I do not need a story to get into this kind of dynamic. So for some card collecting, turn based, strategy PVP action go play Chick Wars, it's free and it's pretty damn good too.

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� Good graphics

� Well done sound effects

� Colorful art

� Competitive game play

� Authentically free to play with no pay to win schemes


� No story at all to be found You can purchase Chick Wars on Nutaku:

Game Screenshots: