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3D SexVilla - Game Review


Another 3D sex simulation offering from ThriXXX, 3DSexVilla2 is their flagship game with a generalized phonographic sex theme. This is their all arounder. It will feature all of the same features as other Thrixx games with highly customizable characters and items but is it worth your time? Let's find out shall we?


Well same old same old here with shiny sweaty models and simplistic geometric environments. The models look good on highest settings and if your PC can handle that. The sex toys are kind of the stand out here with some creative modeling and textures. Animation's are a bit slap shot, with some issues with them being a bit too simple and repetitive. A big plus is that there are some very interesting locations to have sex in including a heaven like stage in the clouds and some kinky BDSM offerings.


The basic idea of the gameplay in this sex simulator is to do exactly that, simulate sex. In doing so you will find many options to create an enjoyably sinful experience such as a long list of sex toys from whips to several kinds of vibrators. Using them on your partner will increase their arousal percentage even more. Also at your disposal are a wide selection of poses for single, dual, and threesome action. I was happy to see threesome poses especially since I never saw any in ChatHouse3D from Thrixxx. Your goal is to reach 100 percent arousal and get your partner to have a delightful orgasm. You can go into cumshot mode where you can switch between several poses to deliver your load on her face, tits, pussy, ass, and more.


There is no immersion. Thrixxx is guilty of a bit of false advertising. For anyone familiar with VR gaming this is definitely not in any way shape or form a VR game. It simply allows you to use the Oculus headset as a viewer but you cannot even control the action with the hand controllers so you have to take off the headset to change what is happening in the game. Also the headset view is from the perspective of a viewer of the action and not from behind the eyes of your avatar. All in all this is a big disappointment and is the same in all of Thrixxx's library. If Thrixxx wanted to to a VR game they should make one from the ground up and go all in instead of this cheap gimmick they are trying to pull on their customers.


In conclusion, A very customizable and interesting sexual experience surely awaits you in 3DSexVilla2. It is not perfect, especially if you were interested in the supposed VR support. It has some lack luster animations and other short falls. Where it lacks in some areas it greatly excels in others. There are few sex games out there with as much customizable content as this game. You can make a sex toy from scratch in seemingly infinite amounts of ways. Same for character customization and even poses. The fact that you can export video and pictures from the mad creations you put forward in game is a genius option that certainly adds extra value to the experience.


  • Decent visuals
  • Crazy levels of customization
  • Large selection of sex toys and poses
  • Can create videos and pictures to store on your PC forever


  • Some lackluster animations
  • VR is only half way done
  • The pose and toy design can be a bit intimidating and hard to figure out for some
You can play the full game on 3DSexVilla.com

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Game Screenshots: