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3D GayVilla - Game Review

Video Review By HornyToonDog:

3DGayVilla2 review


Another 3d sex simulation offering from Thrixxx, 3D Gay Villa is very similar to their other offerings but with a gay theme so as to be an equal opportunity provider of sex sim smut. For lovers of man on man action who want to produce the perfect sex scenes in 3D this may be just for you. Let's find out. Graphics

The visuals are what we would expect from a Thrixx studios offering. The models are plastic like with a sweaty glistening shine. The environments are basic in their geometry but in this case since the sexual antics in front of you are the main focus the environments can take a deservedly back seat without the overall experience taking a huge hit.


The basic idea of the gameplay in this sex simulator is to do exactly that, simulate sex. In this case you will be simulating gay sex and in free mode can pick from a plethora of different interesting locations such as locker rooms and even exotic BDSM locales. with a huge inventory of sex toys at your disposal it will not be hard to get creative. Also in your inventory are sex poses for single, dual, and three way encounters. There are some pretty creative poses to choose from to keep the action spicey. During the process of putting together these simulated sexual encounters the player has the ability to take screenshots and even videos from inside the game. What is even more amazing is the ability for that player to then export this media to their pc or drive of choice to immortalize it forever. If you think you may have created the ultimate sexual scene in the game as long as you recorded it you can be certain that even in 20 years from now you will be able to watch that video and fap to your hearts content.


Unfortunately this game is just like the other Thrixxx games, it isn't VR is is more like Faux VR. The camera has an option for the Oculus VR gear but you will quickly realize that this is just to use the headset alone to view the action. There are many issues with this, the most important one being the fact that it is still from a 3rd party perspective. So in other words, even though you are looking through the headset you are not actually looking through your in game players eyes as one would expect. This ruins any chance of game immersion. Also unfortunately the hand controllers have no function in this game or any Thrixxx game for that matter. This is an example of games that were never created from the ground up to be VR experiences but later had a VR experience forced upon it just for shits and giggles.


In conclusion, this game is going to rank higher than other Thrixxx games because of the simple fact that it is a gay game. Gay themed games of quality are in short supply for some reason so that alone will give it extra points. Unfortunately it is still plagued by the same issues as other Thrixxx offerings. Slap shot animations and lack of game immersion with a non-functioning VR feature make me sad. But on the other hand the customizable options in this game are insane. So many sliders and almost infinite possibilities await you for character, toy, pose, and sequencing design. The game can also be a great experience for those just looking to jump into a sexual encounter, control it completely, and have an enjoyable masturbation moment.


  • Decent visuals
  • Crazy levels of customization
  • Large selection of sex toys and poses
  • Can create videos and pictures to store on your PC forever


  • Some lackluster animations
  • VR is only half way done
  • The pose and toy design can be a bit intimidating and hard to figure out for some
You can play the full game on 3DGayVilla.com

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