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Sex Sim 2 - Playthru & Walkthrough

Let's Play Sex Sim 2

When I was installing and preparing to load Sex Sim 2 for the first time all I could think about in my head was my memories of playing the original Sex Sim and Inked Ravens from the same studio. All of my expectations were molded by those experiences. I must say that I was taken aback and also pleasantly surprised when I found something new instead of just updated.

It was clear instantly as I entered the island world within the game that I had installed something that is completely redesigned and reimagined from the ground up. So many studios these days just continue to take what they already have and give it a slight refresh to make money on a supposed sequel. So I was very happy to see that for once a studio had understood the limitations of the outdated graphics engine of their previous efforts and made an experience for 2022.

As I start exploring the very modern UI I notice it is intuitive and easy to understand. They left out the clutter that these simulators often have which can be a bit overwhelming for people when they first hop into the experience. The controls and UI are simple and straight to the point. There is a one-click icon to fast travel around the maps to different hot spots, position selectors, weather selectors, effects selectors, and much more.

I immediately start to notice the stunning and very bright graphics and models being presented which give this iteration and completely different feel from the original in every way. The action is buttery smooth and I never experienced lag which was nice. I could tell the game is still pretty new as there were features missing with placeholders that say "coming soon". Most notably the oral sex positions and other poses soon to come in the future.

After having sex in various locations of the island and house I decided to try my hand at some character creation and I had a lot of fun with the in depth modeling options available. Controlling nuanced body, head, face dimensions was fun to play around with.

Every time I got to the climax I was expecting to be given the option to cum inside, cum outside and where to cum. I was unable to figure out how to do this or even if it is an option currently. This negative aspect did not deter me from having an enjoyable experience.

All in all I would say I had a great experience trying out Sex Sim 2 and I think you guys should also try it out if you are into this sort of thing. This is certainly the most modern offering in this genre right now.

You can play Sex Sim 2 at on SexSim2.com

Enjoy and remember to check out my review of Sex Sim 2.

Sex Sim 2 Screenshots: