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Red Light Center - Playthru & Walkthrough

I actually have quite a long history of playing virtual world simulators and MMORPG type games. SecondLife was literally my SECOND LIFE for a while if you know what I mean lol. I also spent years wasting away in the online world of Star Wars Galaxies before they shut it down for good. So when I found out I would be reviewing Red Light Center I was a bit excited. As soon as I loaded into the online world I immediately felt like I was playing SecondLife. In fact it is so close you could call this a secondlife clone with a XXX theme.

I was instantly mentally teleported back to 2005 when I first started to play secondlife and I began to remember all of the important relationships I had forged with real people all over the world who I would never meet in real life. As a sex game reviewer I now have to see if that same experience can still be had but in this instance make it sexual. Can you form a sexual bond with someone in an online virtual world like this? Sure you can. Of course you can. If you are going to form an online virtual sex relationship with someone this is certainly the platform to seek that in.

Even now in 2o22 the game is moderately populated and you will find no shortage of humans in the game waiting for you to introduce yourself. In fact once you get started you might fi yourself quickly spiraling down the rabbit hole that makes up the huge community in Red Light Center. I noticed right off the bat the the game does not care whether you are straight, gay, transgender, non-binary or even if you identify as a desk lamp. Inclusivity is great to see in 2022. You will spend your first several hours exploring all of the many locations in the world just like I did and you won't be disappointed either.

I quickly learned that I need RAYS to survive here so I used real money to purchase a small amount to get me going in the world. Keep i mind you can ear rays i game from both players and NPC'S in various ways. One way is to literally be a stripper or a whore. Players can transfer their rays to other players and even exchange rays for real world money. I was awesome to see that just as in secondlife, there are tons of user created areas to explore. The fact that users have spent so much time making these amazing places just goes to show you that this game is no casual jaunt into the online virtual sex world. This game is a commitment if you truly want to experience all it has to offer.

Throughout the world are various opportunities to have sex or to watch sex. And the sex comes in a flavors too such as BDSM, Futanari, Trans, group, kink, and just plain old sex. There are live porn theaters in the game where you can go and rent real pornos with your rays and play them for the whole club to see. You will find it hard to be bored in Red Light Center. I think the coolest part is the fact that you don't even have to be horny or in the mood for sex because this games is so much more than just a sex game.

I had a great time exploring the raunchy world of Red Light Center and I think you will too., Give it a try. It is free to jump in and explore!

You can play Red Light Center at RedLightCenter.com

Enjoy and remember to check out my review of Red Light Center.

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