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Leisure Suit Larry: Reloaded - Playthru & Walkthrough

Video Playthrough By HornyToonDog:
This is a simple walk through which will guide you from the beginning all the way to end for a successful completion of the game. Take your time and enjoy the game.

� Play blackjack
� always save the game whenever you win
� make sure you bet your maximum every time so that the process is quick
� every time you lose load the last save point from when you were up
� using this method can net you several thousand dollars in mere minutes

Enter Lefty's bar
Take a seat at the bar using the hand icon
Using the chat icon talk to the bartender and purchase a shot of whiskey

Near the rear left in the bar there is a back room door enter it
Talk to the drunk on the floor and give him the whiskey and he will reward you with a coaster
Look for the rose among the junk in the room and pick it up using the hand icon
go inside the bathroom to the right
On the sink use the hand icon to pick up the diamond ring
Using the hand Icon click on the sink tap to see a hidden message �kent sent me� in the mirror in steam

Exit the back room and return to the bar
to the right of the bar knock on the padded door using the hand icon
You will be asked for a password to enter the room equip the �kent sent me� note and click on the door with it to be let in

Once inside the pimps room click on the TV remote using the hand icon to pick it up In the suitcase click on the hand icon and click on the coaster to flip it over to reveal a combination on the other side
Now equip the coaster and click on the dildo cabinet to unlock it
Once the dildo cabinet is open lick on the dildo to grab it
Open your suitcase
Use hand icon on the dildo several times until you get the batteries to come out using the arrow icon select the batteries and with them selected click on the remote to Combine batteries with TV remote
Exit suitcase
With the TV remote equipped click on the TV several times until a station (porn) comes on and distracts the pimp.

With the pimp now distracted head upstairs
Ignore the whore for now
Using the hand icon pick up the box of chocolates

Once you have the chocolates click on the window to exit via it
Use the walk icon to travel to other end of fire exit
You will fall through the hole into the dumpster and acquire a hammer

Leave the alley
Hail a taxi by clicking on the taxi box

Go to the Casino Caesars Phallus

Go inside the casino
Make enough money using the money making strategy above this walk through to survive the game (roughly 3000 dollars.)

use the walk icon to travel to the very back of the casino where the elevator is
Using the hand icon pick up the member id card from the trash bin to the left

Leave the casino Hail a taxicab

Go to the store The Come N GO

Go inside the store
In the back shelves you will see boxes of wine pick up a box of wine
in front of the main counter you will see a sign for condoms using the hand icon click that sign to buy some condoms from the clerk
Now make sure you pay for everything by clicking on the clerk with your wallet equipped or he will blow your brains out.

Leave the store
Look for the guy in the brown coat if he is not there right away walk to the right and go to the night club and then back to the left to the store he will eventually spawn.
Once you find the guy in the brown coat give him the box of wine and he will reward you with a Swiss army knife.

Walk to the right until you go to next area where you will see a night club.
To get into the night club open your suitcase and get the membership card we found in the trash earlier to the bouncer.

Enter club
Once inside the club look for the blond girl sitting alone towards the right of your screen.
Using the chat icon start talking to her
Go through all possible hat boxes and once done start giving her the items she wants
If you followed this walk through you should already have these three items, equip them and click on her with them Give her rose
Give her chocolate box
Give her ring
After giving her those you will dance with her and she will ask for money, equip your wallet and give click on her with it.

Leave the knight club
Hail a taxicab

Go to the wedding chapel
Before you go into the chapel click on the flower bushes just outside the chapel to receive a jasmine flower. Go inside the chapel
Pay the priest his fee using your wallet

leave the chapel and walk to the left side of the screen back to the casino

Go inside the casino
Go to the very back where the elevator room is

Follow the sign to the left and go inside the buffet
lick on all the spilled food stains on the buffet to receive the reward of a bottle of hot sauce.

Exit the buffet to the elevator room
Using the hand icon click on the elevator

Go to level 4

Go Inside the honeymoon suite
Once inside using the hand icon click on the radio repeatedly until you hear a commercial and a phone number

Leave the casino Hail a taxicab

Go to the store The Come N Go
Click on the blue phone box outside the store
Dial 555-8039

Return to the honeymoon suite in the casino
Click on the bottle of wine
Using the chat icon speak to the bride

That scammer bitch tied you up, Use the swiss army knife from your suitcase to cut the ropes
Using the hand icon pick up the remaining rope for later

Exit the honeymoon suite
Using the elevator go to level 7

Just outside the elevator you notice a white piece of clothing in the bushes click on it to receive the coveralls.
Look in suitcase and use the hand icon to lick on the coveralls to retrieve a key, if no key appears you must go outside and buy an apple form the guy wearing the barrel around his waist and once you have the apple click on the coveralls again and the key will be inside them.

Click on the elevator to go to level 2
Use the key we found to enter the locked door

Chat with the hot whale trainer using all options Exit the whale room
Use the key to re-enter the room
Using the hand icon click on the basket to get some squid
equip the bottle of hot sauce from the suitcase and click on the whales blowhole with it
Some ambergris will float to the surface click on it

go to the blackjack machine and replenish the money that scammer bitch stole from us

Exit the casino
Look for the cat it will spawn in front of casino after walking out of screen and back
Equip the squid from the suitcase and click on the cat with it to lure it Hail a taxicab

Go to Lefty's bar
Go inside the bar
Using the hand icon click on the bar stool to take a seat
Buy a shot of vodka
Go in your suitcase and make some perfume if you followed this guide you should have all of the ingredients
Combine with empty bottle (musk, vodka, flower, ambergris) to receive perfume

Click on the padded door to the right of the bar to go back inside pimps room Go Upstairs

Using the hand icon click on the bed
Click on yourself to undress completely
Go inside the suitcase and get the condom out clicking on yourself with it to put it on Use hand icon to click on the bed
After having sex get dressed and remove the condom all by clicking on yourself.

Exit via the window once again
Go into your suitcase and combine the two smaller ropes together With the rope re just created equipped click on the hand rail nearest the lit up window with pills in it. After the rope is attached to the hand rail click on yourself to attach the rope to yourself then equip the hammer from the suitcase and click on the window with it to swoop down and break the window capturing the bottle of pills.

Exit the alley
hail a taxicab

Go back to the casino

Go to the very back to the elevator room again
enter the theater hall(just move all the way to the right)

On top of the middle table is a tank of helium use the hand icon to click on it and retrieve it.
Leave the room returning to elevator room

Click on the elevator with the hand icon and go to level 2

Use the key to enter the whale room again
equip the perfume we made from the suitcase and click on the girl with it Exit and re-enter whale room
You will see an open locker click on it with the hand icon to get the repair kit
Leave the whale room

Click on the elevator and go to level 8
Equip the pills from the suitcase and click on the watch girl to give them to her
Once she is gone lick on the red button furthest to the right to open the penthouse elevator door

Enter the penthouse
Enter the bedroom via the top left corner area
Using the hand icon click on the closet to get a blow up doll

Exit the bedroom
Using the hand icon click on the glass sliding doors to enter out onto the balcony

Inside the suitcase combine the repair kit with the blow up doll to repair it and then combine the helium tank with the blow up doll to inflate it

After you arrive at the next balcony talk to the hot woman in the spa she will eventually invite you into the spa and that is when you click on yourself to undress and then click on the water to dive on in
After talking to her a bit more equip the apple from your suitcase and give it to her as a gift. After that she will give you the sex of your life in the spa.

The end

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