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Gay Harem - Playthru & Walkthrough

Gay Harem Guide


Before you jump dick first into the zany adventure known as the Gay Harem universe you are going to first need a few key pointers and a basic understanding of the games essential features. In this short but sweet outline the goal is to familiarize you with the most important key� items and things that will set on you on path to success and shorten the learning curve. Aside from the tons and tons of NSFW gay sex in this fantastic RPG there is also a truly legit gaming experience and mechanisms that you should be aware of.

What is a harem?

In the harem area on the map you will find your harem members and manage them in various ways. In here you can view your income, stats, collect money from members, upgrade members stats, and much more. In addition to all of that you can also:�

  • When the refresh timer counts down each member of your harem will produce their cash payments to you and simply click on t he cash to collect
  • Clicking on the plus symbol next to one of your sexy harem boys will transport you to the market where you can buy various items to increase their affection and other stats to be able to upgrade them nd increase your personal relationships.�
  • Perverted pro tip... click the stars next to one of your boys and see all of the unlocked porn scenes for that individual.�

Leveling up your Guys

  • Your sexy harem guys will increase in level over time as your own level increases, each time you level up your twinks and bears will gain the maximum level increase�
  • To manually level up one of your harem members you need to get them some sexy XP. This can be done in many ways like buying him stuff from the market, winning PVP battles and more.�
  • Leveling up a big dick harem member will cost a set amount of XP and this amount is determined based on the current level of that dude. The higher the current XP level is of the guy the more XP it will cost to level him up.�
  • Your "harem level" is determined by adding up all of the levels of the guys in your harem together. This will determine your rank globally and determines your total current EGO level.�

The Main Adventure

The principle experience in the game is the games story mode. Not at all like most games where you play the mission to acquire fundamental things and money for different pieces of the game Gay Harem is backward. You should remember that to finish the phases of this mission it will require a set measure of money, energy, and surprisingly now and again a unique item. To ensure you are ready and that you don't burn through your time, here is a rundown of the missions in story mode and the amount of money and energy required to complete each one:�

  1. Begin City: 84 energy 1,275 money
  2. Gems Kingdom: 347 energy 9,000 money
  3. Ninja Village: 2,101 energy 67,050 money
  4. Invaded Kingdom: 2,203 energy�441,787 money
  5. The Juy Sea: 3,574 energy�1,840,759 money
  6. Admittance Of The Dead: 4,503 energy�879,200 money
  7. Magic Forest: 5,285 energy� 1,065,500 money
  8. Hamelin Town: 5,842 energy� 3,886,000 money
  9. Plain of Rituals: 8,054 energy�2,885,221 money
  10. Heroes University: 21,977 energy�11,048,503 money
  11. Ninja Sacred Lands: 17,800 energy�10,333,333 money
  12. Splatters Archipelago: 19,536 energy� 36,499,999 money

Daily Missions

There are 40 daily missions in total and each day randomly selected:

You can expect to find at least 40 daily missions total and they are randomly instituted each day so never expect to find the one you ant when you want it.�

Your rewards for completing these missions will be determined by your own level and the� rarity of the mission itself.�

Here is a list of the 40 missions that randomly spawn each day:

1: Bring your guys to the onsen. After raging PVP battles and going on adventures your sexy harem could use some relaxation so what would be better than some soak time in the onsen?

2: Play arcade games all night. Your harem guys are all worn out from servicing your cock and you are up late so why not hit up the arcade room for some awesome gaming?

3: Catch up with Bunny. With more and more new recruits joining the harem Bunny is feeling a bit neglected so you put together an mazing romantic day designed just for him and of course it will end in hardcore gay sex!

4: Attend the Begin City Anal Festival. The annual BCAF has the assholes of the citizens of begin city twitching as the festival begins and the but cheeks spread.

5: Clean up your harem. Sheets are soaked in cum and fluids and covered with dirty used dildos and anal toys. Get out the rags and cleaner and get to work because there is nothing attractive about that at this point.

6: Accept Masamura�s invitation. The wealthy owner of t he Pachino Parlor Masamura is throwing one of his infamous gay sex orgies in town and has invited you to join in after hearing of your exploits in the sheets.

7: Visit the tritons. The mermen tritons have always begged you to visit them and finally your agree. They have been craving your cock ever since you rescued them from the boat and their sexual enslavement.

8: Celebrate Gary�s birthday. The guys in your harem have informed you of Gary's birthday so you have a great idea to take him out to the sex shop and buy him whatever sex toys and items he wants for his special night.

9: Hold it back if you can! The harem teased you during lunch nd dared you claiming you could not fuck them all in the ass one by one and cum every time. let's prove them wrong!

10: Increase your sex skills. The old chinese guy from the boosters shop said there is a priest living in a cave behind the Tower of Fame. You should visit him, he will teach you new techniques! (Of course the practical tests are included)

11: Shoot a sex scene.This afternoon they are shooting a sex scene for a commercial in the mall. They say you and your men would fit perfectly! Can you make love in front of the camera?

12: Investigate the dildo thefts. Bunny's favorite dildo has disappeared! Some other harems are complaining for similar cases. Find out who the cruel thief is and expel him from town! Your men deserve to masturbate in peace.

13: Solve the fisting case. Bunny makes a bet with red battler that he cannot take your whole fist up his ass. This reminds me of that deep throat challenge! Let's do Red a favor and lube him up good for my fist.

14: Run naked in the street. While you were away the harem got naughty and raided your liquor stash and drank all of the bottles! They are completely wasted and ignore your orders and run away from you naked causing you to chase them, drunken fools!

15: Travel to the nude camp. It is summertime! Your harem is very happy to accompany you to the nude beach camp for the first time! Bunny is particularly fond of orgies and this is just the place to start one!

16: Play Olympic harem games. It may not be the official Olympic games we all know but it is definitely the hottest games out there. Dozens of harems participate and the various games involved will reward the winners based on their creativity and skills.

17: Help relaxing. What better way to test out a new drug that dilates your anus than a hot steamy orgy? You do not usually bottom but with your anus fully dilated you are practically craving a dick in there.

18: Inspect the new swinging club. The new swinging club just opened up down the street and the harem has heard about it. They invite you along to try it out with them and soon you are all swinging back and forth like crazy!

19: Assess harem quality. You are gaining quite the reputation in town for your skills and having built a winning harem so it is no surprise when a mysterious ninja approaches you to test out his guys and assess his harem for quality.

20: Hide for a sex break. you have been going hard for a week, maybe too hard, with only an hour of sleep a night. That is no surprise when you consider how horny your harem is. tonight find some ME time and sleep against the trees under the stars.

21: Meet the Arena Minister. The political season is upon us and the arena minister is putting together a conference in town in order to gain some knowledge on the desires of the people. Make sure you get him to agree to modernize the arena!

22: Buy an avatar. Your family is beginning to become suspicious about what you are u p to so to calm their nerves you decide to visit them for a few days but you cannot leave your harem all alone. Visit the replica shop and buy a copy of yourself for the guys to enjoy while you are gone.

23: Attend the Newlyrem Game. Much like the classic TV sitcom this famous show peppers the harem with quizzical questions to see how well you know your men. The next episode is filming in our very own town!

24: Exchange your harem for 1 day. Much like a foreign exchange program for students this harem exchange program is designed to locally exchange harem members to make the neighbors know each other better and to spark friendships in town.

25: Have a threesome with yourself. Remember that replica you had made when you went out of town? Bunny had a great idea, why not have a threesome with yourself? A strange yet incredibly hot experience is about to happen.

26: Attend the Virgins Fest. The virgins fest is where young men who have never had sex and enjoy a day all about that goal. They can review potential first time candidates profiles, test their skills to whittle own the competition and end up with one very lucky guy in the end to deflower them.

27: Take fisting classes. You have always wanted to know the secret to fisting a guy perfectly so when you hear of a fisting class in town you decide to take it. the teacher lest the students practice on his own ass.

28: Foil the intruders. You begin to suspect your harem is having orgies with strangers behind your back when you start hearing loud noises at night. Set up a trap and foil their dirty deeds then demand payback in the form of sexual favors!

29: Meet the world's biggest ego man. Have you heard of this guy? He just stormed into town and people are saying his ego is so powerful he is surrounded by a reed aura. It appears that when men inhale the mysterious red substance their assholes dilate instantly and go into orgasmic fits.

30: Test the telesex device. Telesex is a new device that allows you to have sex with someone at a long distance so when a man from your harem goes over seas you decide to give it a try and you were not disappointed.

31: Donate to the sperm bank. The sperm van is passing through town and members of the community are encouraged to donate sperm but here is the best part since you re a hero you are given special treatment and the nurse himself will extract your sample.

32: Create your harem fragrance. A perfume shop in town has started a new trend where you make a scent from the fluids of a guy so since you've a large harem to collect fluids from you decide to give it a try.

33: Support Dany at the mud wrestling. Dany has joined the nude male mud wrestling federation! make sure the entire harem is at his first match to show support!

34: Take Bunny to the doctor. Bunny has been experiencing a lot of pain when he deepthroats cock so since he is a big fan of it there must be something wrong. Take him to the doctor before he gets worse or dies from dick.

35: Explore the Great Camphor. Overlooking bein city there is a forest where within it lies the great camphor. In olden times men who wanted to boost their sexual jin meditate within for days on end.

36: Repair your Supa Sexual-Jin. To the east there is a town where you can repair your sexual jin and buy rare items travel there and explore what it has to offer.

37: Summon the spirit of Orgasmolia. Whether you believe in ghosts or not orgasmollia real and she is able to give you an orgasm without even touching you, virgin teens especially know how to summon this entity.

38: Attend the Wet Musical Party. only one time a year is the wet music party held and it is fricking sexy as hell. all in one room tons of naked boys and a DJ who hast he power to charm dildos with is music.

39: Help organizing a stag night. Bunny is always having good ides like the one he has for stag night where a gangbang including your harem and those nifty anal dilation pills.

40: Take out the geisha balls. Dany had an embarrassing moment when he had some geisha ball sin his ass and they slid so deeply inside he could no longer retrieve them without your help.


Available in the market are four distinctly different item categories:

  • Equipment All kinds of gear that can be equipped and worn which may affect your stats. 
  • Boosters A boost increases your heroes stats but only for a short period of time
  • Books When given to a Guy in your harem it will level up her stats
  • Gifts Unlike books which increase stats of your guy gifts will increase XP instead

You can also re-sell items at the market but for a fraction of the purchase price.

You can always sell these items at the market when you are desperate but keep in mind you will only get a fraction of the original purchase price.


You yourself as the hero a nd 3 of your sexy harem guys make up the team you will  take into  battle. The three harem guys are an alpha, beta, and omega and the alpha will contribute any stats available but fi you are able to give him an orgasm the other guys can step ion and award stats too.  A total of 7 stats are part of the equation including, attack, power, defense vs hardcore, defense vs charm, defense vs kniwhiwm, ego, and excitation and harmony. Only the first 4 actually have caps on the low end top ends of the values. 

Battle Mechanics

Just remember when it says "damage dealt" that is same thing as "attack" in any other normal game. Also you can think of EGO as a form of XP in other games. Your goal is to damage the enemies ego if they survive your initial attack (and they will) they will attempt to retaliate with attacks on your ego. This will go back and forth back and forth back and forth until one harem has zero ego left and loses the match. 

Tower of Fame

The tower of fame which refreshes every 24 hours by the way is a handy tool. I found myself using it often to view the global leaderboards. That is not all the tower has to offer, check out these other important features...

  • View your heroes rank
  • Look at the leaderboards
  • Search for player by name
  • View a larger more detailed photo of any player
  • Issue an official challenge to other players


Pachinko is the last important thin you should know about. You can spend Kobans or cash at a game of chance to possibly win various awards...

  • You have a chance to score some rare guys for your harem not found elsewhere in the  game
  • You do do not have to worry about being rewarded with a guy you already own it will always give you a rare legendary item should such a match occur
  • Remember, certain rare girls can only be found here

Harem heroes is an amazing game and this guide only scratched the surface of what is available to do within. use the info in this guide to avoid wasting time and get the best leg up on your competition. As always stick around here for the full review and head over to Nutaku to play the game for yourself.


gay harem is a truly amazing RPG and gay porn experience. This short introduction doesn't even begin to explain all of the facets of this huge wide ranging game. The information in this short guide is designed to allow you to enter the game armed with the info you need to get going fast and with confidence. Head over and play Gay Harem for yourself and see what all the fuss is about!

You can play the full game on GayHarem.com

Enjoy and remember to check out my review of Gay Harem.