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Chathouse 3D - Playthru & Walkthrough

Let's Play Chathouse 3D

We are just going to go over the basics of gameplay and the experience since this is by no means a story or skill based driven gameplay experience. We will attempt to tackle the user options panels and the way you interact within the online community.  

Choose a server

When you get into the first screens of the game you will see your avatar in whatever clothes or lack there of you were wearing last time you exited the world. You will see a list of public servers or have the option to create your own. In this case you will likely want to choose a public server and the one with the most active players since it is not very populated at times.

First time in game

The first time you enter the game you may have the urge to wander around aimlessly and try to fuck a girl. You will 100 percent fail. let's start out first by examining the plethora of user panels. Camera Panel This is the panel where you choose the primary camera or more specifically your view in the game. You an choose from a large plethora of cameras as well as the cameras of other players to spectate on a player. Also available are various sliders to further tweak those camera to your personal liking.   Chat Session Panel In the chat session panel which is separate from the actual chat box, you can go through the list of available players and choose to walk to them or instant jump to them in the play area.

Emotes And Gestures

Just like any other online interactive game worth it's salt, this game features emotes and gestures. The emotes and gestures are subtle especially the emotes. Emotes will make your character make a facial expression that can be hard to even see at times. These features are intended to convey a mood or feeling.

Poses are the core of this entire game. They include single poses for you to do on your own and couples poses to play out with other players. Poses essentially means sex. They are conveniently listed as "near you" which means they are playable right now with near by players(with their consent of course). Or you can just masturbate yourself out of boredom.  

The customization panel offers you the ability to customize your character down to very fine details. Conveniently separated into main sections like hair, eyes, genitals etc you will be able to truly make your character unique. And don't forget to fill out your profile so other players can get an idea of your personality.

This game features some pretty in depth settings so you may want to go over them to spot anything you want to adjust for you own personal pleasure.

Chat Box
No matter what panel you have open, the chatbox is always there at the bottom where you can see in game global messages from other players in the area. Utilize this tool to pursue hot girls using your many charms and pure wit.

Getting laid
Much like in the real world getting laid isn't easy. Most guys will play this game for the first time and thing they will enter the server and be balls deep into some pussy and having tits swinging into their face with ease. This is not the case. This is a game full of real players with real human beings behind the avatars and they must give consent before you start jamming your jimmy inside of them. Be prepared to invest hours and days perhaps trying to get your first full session of fucking with a climax at the end. Spend that time making friends and interacting with the women. Just like in real life you will find some girls you click with and eventually things will happen for you. if you are really horny and just need to nut, watch other players fuck and jerk off, you can even use the jerk off pose and cum on demand. This can be a fun experience but not a quick one. get ready for some hard work and be rewarded in the end. Take advantage of the great prices and get yourself the paid version.

You can play the full game on Chathouse3D.com

Enjoy and remember to check out my review of Chathouse 3D.